Template Templates are used, for example, in the field of programming. The great advantage of template programming is that a program code can be used again and again. The programming language C++ has template language elements. The templates are used in the C++ standard library for the implementation of generic algorithms or for the supply […]

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Targeting The term targeting means addressing target groups. Targeting is an important element in marketing. In this process, advertising appears on a website, and this advertising is directed at a specific target group. The more precise the targeting is, the greater the chance of reaching the specific target group. Keyword targeting Keyword targeting refers to […]

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Tag A tag is a keyword used to categorize content. A tag or several tags are intended to make it easier to search for, find and organize content, web pages or texts. At the same time, a tag serves to make content findable for others who might also be interested in this content. Tagging content […]

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Stylesheet A stylesheet can be described as a format template. It is intended to separate information from presentation. Data such as texts, tables, graphics are interpreted and formatted according to predefined rules. The editing languages of the stylesheets are called stylesheet languages. Among the best known are CSS, XSL, DSSSL. Cascading stylesheet A cascading style […]

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SMTP The abbreviation SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a simple e-mail transport protocol. The protocol is used to exchange emails in computer networks. It is a text-based protocol in which only text and no binary numbers are transported. In 1982 SMTP was published for the first time with the aim to achieve an […]

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SLA The term SLA, also known as a service level agreement, describes an agreement or interface between a customer and a service provider with regard to recurring, mostly computer technology services. The aim here is to create a transparent means of control for the customer by describing agreed service characteristics in more detail, such as […]

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Scripting language

Scripting language The scripting language is a language for programming small and medium-sized programs. The term is derived from the word “scripting” and means summarizing and storing program calls in a script. To be able to process the execution results of the program calls, language elements were added. Thus, scripting evolved into the scripting language. […]

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Signature Like a signature, an electronic signature provides information about the sender of a message. A signature is intended to facilitate contact and is to be understood as a personal business card. Therefore, a signature, especially for business emails, should also contain all the information that can be found on a business card. In the […]

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Shop system

Shop system Since 1995, a wide range of shop systems has developed. There is low-price software for the mass market, as well as producers who have specialized in developing individual software according to the respective requirements. However, the basic definition of a shop system is always the same: A shop system is a software basis […]

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Shop software

Shop software More and more retailers sell their products and services via an online store. There are providers who only sell or offer services on the Internet as well as those who operate the online store parallel to a retail store in order to reach a larger customer base. The advantages of an online store […]

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Shopping bot

The shopping bot Shopping bots are used on the Internet and enable customers to easily compare prices between different providers. The term “bot” is derived from “robot”, which implies that a shopping bot acts automatically. Customers in particular benefit from shopping bots, as they filter and compare offers in a fraction of a second and […]

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Shockwave By means of the free file format Shockwave from Adobe (until 2006 Macromedia) interactive contents, which were created by means of the Adobe Director, can be played over a web browser. Due to the import possibilities of 3D objects as well as its rendering capabilities (representation/computation of graphical content on monitors/displays), the use of […]

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