Insolvency proof

A life-saver when it comes to mitigating financial risk. Funds from transactions always remain in an insolvency-proof escrow account until they are paid out to you.

Zero risk

Your funds are 100% protected against any risk of non-payment, with disbursements made directly from the escrow account.

100% compliance

Fully compliant with all regulatory requirements, which are regularly verified and documented by BaFin, German Bundesbank and auditors.

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Why an escrow account?

  • Our main focus is your peace of mind. Escrow accounts help funds from all your transactions remain guarded from any misappropriation or insolvency.
  • All transaction amounts go directly to the escrow account where the funds stay until they’re paid out to you directly according to the agreed schedule.
  • We can also open escrow accounts for the resellers, partners or affiliates of a merchant.

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More ways we protect your money

AI-based fraud prevention

We secure your business proactively, stopping payment fraud and chargebacks before they damage your business’ integrity.

Receivables management

Novalnet’s automated receivables management system keeps your cash inflow at its optimum, and helps you keep a close watch on your receivables.

Debt collection

Any debts are automatically transferred to our partner debt collection agencies who will take care of processing and tracking your claims.