Why You Should Use AI for Fraud Detection

Payment fraud can be costly to your brand’s reputation. You need to have intelligent systems in place to prevent fraud before it happens.

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How Direct Debit Payments Help Your Business

What is Direct Debit? Direct debit is a safe and easy way to collect payments from a customer’s bank account automatically. The money is transferred directly from one bank account to another and does not require any card or manual payment. Direct debit is known as SEPA in Europe and BACS in the UK. You […]

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How to Protect your Payments from Account Takeover fraud

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft happens when your (or your customers’) personal and financial data is stolen. This could include your ID, bank account details, or credit/ debit card info. The stolen data is then used to make transactions or purchases or sold to other criminals. Identity theft can happen in a number of […]

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payment API

Here’s How APIs Make Your Payments Better

What are APIs? APIs can be a great friend to you and your payments. If you accept or make digital payments, then APIs are what you need to do it quickly, easily, and safely. In a payments process, data flows between different software applications. APIs make it easy for these applications to talk to one […]

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Here’s Why Payments Analytics is Good for Your Brand

Digital Payments and Data There is no looking back for digital payments. Recent research from Mastercard found that a whopping 93% of shoppers want to make purchases using contactless payments. And nearly 90% of in-person transactions across the world now happen at contactless-enabled merchants. This clearly isn’t a passing phenomenon. This shift is only being […]

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Virtual Cards

Virtual Cards and the Future of Travel

Card payments across Europe totalled over € 3.8 billion in 2020. And as contactless buying soars, virtual cards are coming into their own.

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financial fraud

Fraud Management in the New Normal

Businesses in Europe are facing greater risk from fraud. As newer forms of fraud emerge, merchants have to stay ahead of hackers else risk being disrupted. In fact, within the first few months of the crisis starting, global phishing attacks shot up by a whopping 667%.

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Contactless payments

Navigate Post-COVID Market Shifts by Creating More Contactless Payment Solutions

The widespread emphasis on dynamic flexibility and interconnected solutions for a post-COVID economic resurgence is indicative of digitalization’s strong influence on global decision making, as well as, its value building abilities in the face of a global challenge. And contactless payment solutions are an important indicator of this.

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Improving payment acceptance

Improve your Payment Acceptance Rate to Improve Your Sales

Reducing payment declines is critical in creating a smoother checkout process, improving sales and creating customer delight. Visual appeal, functionality, and security are crucial touchpoints that businesses have to look at in order to boost payment acceptance.

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2-factor Authentication and PSD2 in Europe: What Merchants Need to Know

New laws to counter fraud are coming into effect in the EU. Understand how this impacts your business and your customers

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