A2A payments

A Global Transformation: How A2A Payments are Driving Financial Inclusion

For decades, limited access to basic financial services like secure savings accounts, money transfers, and credit has been a significant hurdle for a vast segment of the global population. This financial exclusion disproportionately impacts low-income individuals, immigrants, and residents of geographically remote areas. However, a new wave of innovation is poised to dismantle these barriers – Account-to-Account (A2A) payments are emerging as a powerful tool for driving financial inclusion on a global scale.

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How Payment Data Ignites Smarter Business Decisions

Data is the lifeblood of successful businesses, but a crucial source of valuable insights often remains untapped: payment data. While facilitating transactions is its primary function, the rich data embedded within payments holds the key to unlocking a deeper understanding of your customers, optimizing operations, and ultimately driving growth.

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How to Leverage Cross-Border Payment Solutions for International Growth

Expanding your business globally is an exciting endeavor. It opens up new opportunities, expands your customer base, and diversifies revenue streams. However, navigating international markets comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to managing cross-border payments.

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Payment Service Provider Comparison

Exploring Payment Solutions: Comparing Novalnet, Adyen, and Stripe

Among the plethora of payment service options available, three industry stalwarts—Novalnet, Adyen, and Stripe—stand out for their distinct offerings and innovative solutions.  In this analysis, we delve into the unique features and advantages of each provider, equipping businesses with invaluable insights to make well-informed decisions.

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Novalnet ISO 20022

Decoding ISO 20022: Revolutionizing Payment Standards for a Digital World

Explore the transformative potential of ISO 20022 payment standard, revolutionizing payment standards and driving digital innovation. Unlock efficiency and collaboration in your payment infrastructure with this universal standard.

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Customer making contactless payment in an outlet

Key Payment Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

Digital payments growth accelerated across the world in 2022. Many of the payment trends that ruled last year will continue to play a major role in 2023. What are the insights on key trends that will define global payments in 2023? Read on to know what will shape payments this year.

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A person making an online payment through mobile wallet

Why Digital Wallets Are a Great Choice for Small Businesses

For small business owners looking to accept digital payments, e-wallets are an easy and secure method that is also hugely popular. Payments can be a tricky area to navigate for many small and medium-sized business owners. In this article, we tell you why they are one of the best choice for small business owners who want to accept digital payments.

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Season sales

5 Ways to Ready Your Payments for the Upcoming Peak Sales Season

As peak sales season approaches, e-commerce merchants must prepare well for the rush. You must prepare your business, especially your payments, to make the most of this peak season. Many retailers face payment failures, higher fraud, and high payment costs because of ill-prepared payment systems. In this blog, we lay out five ways how payments can help.

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customer tapping his credit card to make payment in a store

Three Payment Trends E-commerce Merchants Can’t Ignore in 2022

Continuing demand for choice, value, and flexibility is driving the rise of digital payments worldwide. And this transformation is moving faster than anyone anticipated. E-commerce businesses have to tap into these trends to stay competitive and build greater brand loyalty in the future. Find out the three most essential payment trends.

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a woman watching subscribed OTT app

How to Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Consider this. Subscription businesses have grown by more than 400% over the last nine years. This is about five to eight times faster than traditional businesses! Subscriptions can help you to boost revenue and deepen engagement with your customers. But, managing them can pose their own hurdles. Learn how you can get the best out of your subscription payments.

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Virtual Cards and the Future of Travel

Card payments across Europe totalled over € 3.8 billion in 2020. And as contactless buying soars, virtual cards are coming into their own.

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customer paying via phone scanning

Navigate Post-COVID Market Shifts by Creating More Contactless Payment Solutions

The widespread emphasis on dynamic flexibility and interconnected solutions for a post-COVID economic resurgence is indicative of digitalization’s strong influence on global decision making, as well as, its value building abilities in the face of a global challenge. And contactless payment solutions are an important indicator of this.

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