Novalnet ISO 20022

Decoding ISO 20022: Revolutionizing Payment Standards for a Digital World

Explore the transformative potential of ISO 20022 payment standard, revolutionizing payment standards and driving digital innovation. Unlock efficiency and collaboration in your payment infrastructure with this universal standard.

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What to Expect from the New PSD3 Regulation?

Is a new regulation on the horizon? What is PSD3 likely going to be about? Is it mandatory in Europe? Is there a deadline? How PSD3 will Impact Your Business? Read on to know more about what has changed since PSD2. and what to Expect from the New PSD3 Regulation.

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Person witnessing fraud alerts

How To Use Delegated Authentication to Make Your SCA Process Smoother

Delegated authentication is an option that merchants should look at to make checkouts faster and reduce friction for customers. After all, no one wants unhappy customers. As e-commerce booms, balancing SCA with the best customer experience remains paramount for merchants in Europe. Learn how SCA works and how it impacts Customer Experience.

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Cashless payment made in a cafe

Electronic Payment Rules in Europe: 6 Points Merchants Should Know

For a business, payments can be a rather complex affair to navigate. Merchants in Europe have to keep pace with changing developments – in payments technology, regulation, and consumer behaviour – to stay competitive. Digital payments have been steadily growing in popularity in Europe, where traditionally, cash has been king. Here are 6 points you should know as a merchant.

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card payment made through a device

PCI DSS – Why Do You Need It?

PCI DSS is the gold standard to ensure that card payments are carried out safely and securely. Merchants have to comply with these standards to protect from losses or even possibly going out of business.

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2020 Europe laws

Review: the Most Important Judgments and Laws in February 2020

In February, traders were able to breathe a sigh of relief: the Federal Court of Justice limited liability to platforms. There were also other interesting legal news relating to trademark law and data protection.

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