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150+ payment methods

Accept payments in 125+ currencies and 150+ automated country-specific payment methods worldwide. A single contract covers everything you need, from payment processing to payouts, fraud prevention, and subscription management.

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Invoice Payments
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • Instalment Payments (Invoice, SEPA)
  • Guaranteed Payments (Invoice, SEPA)
  • Cash Payment
  • Wallets

Novalnet Value Chain

Single Contract and Single Point of Contact.

Traditional Value Chain

Multiple Contracts From Multiple Vendors.

Invoice and Payouts

Accept payments in 125+ currencies and receive payouts in EUR, USD, GBP, plus 22 more.

Flexible schedule: The payout schedule is based on your business model, category, risk appetite and location. For example, a higher risk category could mean a longer holding time to mitigate any risk from chargebacks and return debits. Standard payout cycles are 3-day, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. All funds are maintained in insolvency-proof escrow accounts.

Invoice: Invoice billing allows 100% of the turnover to be paid to the merchant without deducting any fees. Novalnet will raise a separate invoice for all fees payable.

Settlement: In settlement mode, fees will be deducted by Novalnet before transferring the funds to the merchant.

Support for Gross or Net payouts helps to streamline and adapt to your accounting practices.

Pricing built for your business


Work with our experts to design a custom plan for your business.

Perfect for businesses with a large payments volume or specific requirements

  • Customised pricing including IC++
  • Country specific rates
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Like for like settlement in 24 currencies
  • 150+ local and int. payment methods
  • 24/7 support



Start accepting payments in
3 simple steps

Start accepting payments instantly with our all-in-one account for SMEs*

Restricted Business Categories: Please refer to the list of restricted categories to determine your business type. If your business belongs to any of these categories, please click here to contact sales for pre-approval before proceeding further.

You may also email us at sales@novalnet.de for pre-approval.

One simple contract gets you everything under one roof

150+ payment methods

Supporting MOTO, Pay-by-Link, membership and subscription management, and marketplace and affiliate solutions.

100+ instant plugins

For easy integration with all popular eCommerce platforms.

Customer-friendly checkout

One-click payment, tokenisation and one-page checkout with smart payment selection.

Built-in security

AI-powered risk management and automated receivables management all handled in our fully-accredited environment.

Integrated support

Our friendly team are here for you and your end-user customers, plus technical support for integration and maintenance.

Analytics and reporting

Real-time monitoring, analytics and reporting compliant with popular accounting systems.