Management Team
Management Team

“We’re mission-driven and committed to providing highest quality payment solutions to businesses across the globe.”

CEO - Gabriel Dixon

Gabriel Dixon

CFO - Johnson Rajdaniel

Johnson Rajdaniel

General Counsel - Christian Vollmer

Christian Vollmer
General Counsel

CSO - Christoph Drewes

Christoph Drewes

COO - Emmanuel Kirse

Emmanuel Kirse

CTO - Holger Bosk

Holger Bosk

CMO - Antony Robinson

Antony Robinson

CBDO - Jose Augustine

Jose Augustine

Head of Merchant Support - Falko Gülberg

Falko Gülberg
Head of Merchant Support

Bianca Müller

Bianca Müller
Head of End Customer Support

Samier Abdel Hafez

Samier Abdel Hafez
Senior Accounting & Merchant Support Specialist

Gerald Lex

Gerald Lex
Partner Manager

Ralf Schäfer

Ralf Schäfer
Sales Manager

Gowri Shankar

Gowri Shankar
IT Application Security Manager

Anja Hofmann

Dr. Anja Hofmann
Senior Software Architect

Saran Nagarajan

Saran Nagarajan
Senior Solutions Architect

Mingan Fang

Minghan Fang
Senior Technical Support Specialist