1. Fully Customisable

Assign IBANs on multiple levels – business, customer, currency, product or even order/transaction based. For example, you can assign an IBAN to all transactions from a specific customer or separate IBANs for each order.

2. Secured in Trust Accounts

The over 10 million virtual IBANs are managed and maintained within insolvency-proof trust accounts with the added safety of Novalnet being a German payment institution approved by Bafin.

3. Easy Accounts Allocation

Novalnet’s IBAN account management system can directly connect to your accounting system (SAP, Navision, Datev, etc.) and deliver transaction reports in multiple formats like XML, iDoc, JSON, MT940, camt.053 camt.054, etc.

Why Virtual IBANs?

More flexible yet less expensive than standard bank accounts or traditional IBANs.

Each customer, product or transaction can be assigned a unique IBAN account which allows for efficient organization.

Every process of a virtual IBAN, like deposits, transfers, and settlements, can be automated, saving business owners substantial amounts of precious time.

Fund your accounts and transfers with multiple currencies.

Virtual IBAN accounts eliminate the need to set up multiple bank accounts in different regions and countries.

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Always on, Always up-to-date

Real-time info

Real-time checks during transactions ensure that nothing fradulant passes through our systems undetected
and unattended.

Persistent Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of all critical functions make sure any anomaly in our systems are notified instantly and remedial actions are triggered to maintain
99.99% uptime.

Global Coverage

A network of global experts and platforms help us keep our fraud detection systems updated constantly and help us never miss new threats
as they arise.