A woman making online payment

The Next Phase of Digital Payments in Europe: Key takeaways for Businesses

Payment methods in the EU are changing, and innovation is at the heart of it. Here’s a look at 3 payment trends that are shaping the next stage of digital payments in the EU.

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payment done using credit card in a mobile app

How Embedded Payments Improves CX and Brings in Loyal Customers

Embedded payments can be a great CX tool to help you engage your customers and boost brand loyalty. But what are they and how do they help? Learn more in this blog.

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How Payments Tech Helps with Compliance

As digital payments evolve, so has regulation to protect users and businesses. Technology can help you improve payments compliance and avoid heavy fines. Read on to know how.

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Expansion of GDPR

4 Payment Regulations Every Business in Europe Should Know

Regulations are a complex affair to navigate. Yet you can’t do business without them. Know the top 4 payment regulations you must comply with in the EU.

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A credit getting swiped in an online banking

How to Add a Payment Gateway to Your Online Store

Choosing the best payment gateway for your online shop makes total business sense. Learn how you can add one easily to your online store and start accepting payments right away.

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electronic invoice

4 Reasons Why Automatic Invoicing is Better for Your Business

Automatic invoicing can be the answer to late payments. Learn how they help your business in this blog.

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A button on the keyboard reads Buy now, pay later, BNPL

5 Best Practices to Implement Alternative Payments in 2022

Want to offer alternative payments, but don’t know where to start? Here’s our checklist to help you out.

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an old man making card payment

Your 6-Point Payments Strategy to Drive Revenue and Growth

Small tweaks in your payments can mean big results for your business. Know how to build a solid payment strategy that drives growth and keeps you ahead.

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5 Payment Mistakes Every Business Must Avoid

These common mistakes can kill your conversions and impact buyer experience. Learn how you can avoid them and ensure payment success.

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A button on the keyboard reads Buy now, pay later, BNPL

5 Ways to Improve BNPL Success

BNPL has been a scorching success in Europe. But does that make it an obvious choice for your business? Read on to know more.

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Person witnessing fraud alerts

Payment Threats are Rising. Is Your Business Prepared?

Payment fraud continues to threaten businesses in Europe. Learn more about what you can do to prepare for and prevent fraud.

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thumb getting scanned for biometric

Why Biometric Payments Will be Big in 2022

Biometric payments make checkouts faster and safer. And shoppers in Europe love them. Learn how to use them in your business and get the best results.

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