Improve cash inflow

Maintain a steady cash inflow with a clear picture of any blockages and a systematic record of all sales transactions.

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Reduce bad debts

Keep close track of the payment schedule so that you can regularly follow up with your debtors and avoid risking bad debts caused by lack of funds.

Boost sales

Improve customer relationships by keeping track of your customers’ payment performance so that you can offer them incentives for steady payment history.

Why do you need receivables management?

Until your sales are converted into cash, you need to manage how much you’re receiving from who and when. Novalnet’s accounts receivables management system helps you track, monitor, and promote on-time action on overdue or long-pending bills resulting in an increased inflow of cash and avoiding bad debt – essential for business growth.

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Designed for better customer relationships

Reminders by post

Send customised payment reminders by post, with a much higher success rate than email reminders.

Debt collection

Any debts are automatically transferred to our partner debt collection agencies who will take care of processing and tracking your claims.

High success rate

Personalised dunning and debt collection practices guarantee a very high success rate.