Secure payments

Accept payments in a fully-secure payment form supported by AI-based fraud management.

Automated payouts

After the first transaction, all payments are automated, strictly following the frequency and schedule you set up in the dashboard.

Intelligent calculations

Subscription information is stored in Novalnet’s PCI DSS Level 1 infrastructure, which saves you the hassle of having your own PCI compliance.

Never miss a payment

Are your subscribers confident to share their payment information for periodic debits from their account? What if a recurring transaction fails? Novalnet’s subscription management solution answers these questions with its PCI DSS Level 1 compliant automated subscription payment mechanism.

  • Manage subscription frequency and duration
  • Offer easy cancellation and refunds
  • Monitor failed transactions
  • Set up automated payment reminders

More ways we protect your business


Bring an additional layer of protection to your subscribers by using tokenisation to process recurring payments without transmitting user data.

Payment monitoring

Use our systems keep track of your subscribers’ frequency and schedule and get alerts when a payment is missed.

Automated dunning

Automate payment reminders to keep your cash inflow at its optimum, and keep a close watch on your receivables.