1. AI-based fraud prevention

We secure your business at scale and proactively stop payment fraud and chargebacks from damaging your business’ integrity.

2. PCI DSS Level 1 Certified

End-to-end encrypted transactions are processed within a fully secure PCI DSS Level 1 payment system hosted exclusively in Germany

3. Credit Risk Checks

Integrated B2B and B2C identity, credit risk and fraud prevention solutions from a single platform. Global data availability ensures that our systems function effortlessly worldwide.

Brand integrity is key

Multiple user integrity checks ensure that our fraud prevention strategy is spot on. Enable the checks right from our mercant dashboard.

Always on, Always up-to-date

Real-time info

Real-time checks during transactions ensure that nothing fraudulent passes through our systems undetected
and unattended.

Persistent Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of all critical functions make sure any anomaly in our systems are notified instantly and remedial actions are triggered to maintain 99.99% uptime.

Global Coverage

A network of global experts and platforms help us keep our fraud detection systems updated constantly and help us never miss new threats
as they arise.