Wider coverage

Applicable to multiple popular payment methods including card payments, SEPA Direct Debit, invoice payments, and more.

Supports instalments

Supports payment by instalment, whether it’s through SEPA Direct Debit or invoice.

Chargeback handling

Novalnet’s automated chargeback and return debit management protects merchants by minimising fraudulent claims or end-costumer abuse.

Keep your focus on business growth

Novalnet’s guaranteed payment feature helps you set your cashflow to auto-pilot. 100% payment assurance and its wide applications don’t just offer you peace of mind, they’re a game-changer when it comes to overall business growth.

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More ways we protect your money

AI-based fraud prevention

We secure your business proactively, stopping payment fraud and chargebacks before they damage your business’ integrity.

Escrow accounts

Your funds are always safe, stored in an insolvency-proof escrow account until paid out to you –always right on schedule.

Debt collection

Any debts are automatically transferred to our partner debt collection agencies who will take care of processing and tracking your claims.