Search Engine

Search Engine The Internet (also called the World Wide Web) has a decentralized structure. Consequently, search services and engines are needed to help people search for specific documents, content and specified keywords. At the beginning of the general use of the Internet, search engines were still to be found as a form of catalogs, in […]

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Screen design

Screen design In the age of computer and information technology, screen design is an indispensable field of work. Mood, aesthetics and target group appeal are just as much a part of a screen designer’s sphere of activity as, for example, user guidance through websites and their target group-specific design (e.g. according to purpose, user age, […]

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S-HTTP S-HTTP is the abbreviation for Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol. S-HTTP is an Internet protocol and was developed in 1995. This Internet protocol defines an encrypted data transfer via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) between web browser and web server. The operation of S-HTTP With this protocol, secure data transmission is carried out via HTTP. sIn […]

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RSA RSA is an asymmetric cryptographic method for the encryption and decryption of content. At the same time, RSA can be used as a digital signature. The RSA encryption method was developed in 1977 by the mathematicians and cryptologists Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. The […]

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Source code

Source code The source code is the basis of every website. It is also called source code. However, the user of the programs usually does not get to see the source code. Writing source code The source code is written in a programming language, mostly with HTML, PHP or Java. For writing a source code […]

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Protocol A protocol is a record of processes and events. In IT, protocols are needed for successful communication between servers and clients. They are agreements that regulate the exchange of data between two computers. Protocol structure The protocol contains information important for data exchange. This includes the recipient and the sender, the type and length […]

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Pingback A pingback is the notification of a document or web page link on the Internet. Using XML-RPC (Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call), authors can track on the web which people, pages or blogs link to or cite their own website. However, certain requirements are necessary for this. For example, the person citing or […]

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Ping Ping is the abbreviation for the term ” Packet Internet Groper”. Ping is a network command that can be used to check whether or not a host is reachable on an IP network. Ping was originally developed in 1983 and first appeared in BDS 4.3. The Ping Test The ping test is used to […]

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PHP PHP stands for “Personal Home Page Tools” and is a scripting language. PHP is also assigned the meaning of Hyperlinks Preprocessor. The first PHP version was developed in 1994. The latest and most recent development is version 5, which was released in 2004. Programs coded with this scripting language and stored as a plain […]

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PGP PGP is the abbreviation for “Pretty Good Privacy” and a method for encrypting messages and files on the Internet. The first version was already used in 1991. PGP for the encryption of messages For the encryption of messages PGP uses an asymmetric encryption method. In this case, sender and receiver have a key pair […]

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Payment service provider

Payment service provider A payment service provider organizes cashless payment transactions for its customers by integrating the desired payment modules into their store systems. Since customers today place increased value on being able to shop securely online and on having a wide range of payment options to choose from, such services can be implemented easily […]

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Page Clicks

Page Clicks Page clicks show a website operator how many users have clicked on his website and exactly what content they are interested in. In particular, website operators who want to earn money with their site cannot avoid keeping an eye on their click rate. However, page clicks are not only used to interpret the […]

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