Flexible Revenue Sharing:

Easily manage revenue, costs, and commission distributions through our admin portal – Configure standard revenue distribution scenarios for all transaction types, including automated affiliate commissions and marketplace vendor payouts.

Real-time Payouts

Novalnet ensures real-time revenue sharing for vendors and affiliates, even with external payment methods like PayPal and AmazonPay. Novalnet calculates payouts automatically based on your configuration.

Percentage and Fixed Amounts

Easily set up revenue share calculation rules in the dashboard. Customize revenue sharing with both percentage-based and fixed amount options, tailoring your strategy to individual affiliates and projects.

Bringing businesses together efficiently

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Unlock the Power of Split Payments

Effortless Setup

Easily set up revenue sharing, whether it’s based on percentages or fixed amounts, for both affiliates and marketplaces.

Global Payment Compatibility

Novalnet seamlessly supports various payment methods, making it a breeze for affiliates to receive payments from all over the world.

Customize Your Approach

Take control with individualized settings for each affiliate, tailoring your revenue sharing strategy to suit yours and their unique needs.

Real-Time, Dynamic Payouts

Utilize Novalnet’s APIs or SFTP batch processes to ensure that revenue sharing happens when you need it, instantly, whether it’s for a specific affiliate or a single transaction.

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