1. Device Independent

All you need is a web browser with internet connection and your payment terminal / vPOS (virtual POS) is ready to go. One account allows you to run the terminal on multiple devices in multiple locations at the same time.

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2. Instant Setup

The virtual terminal comes preloaded with all Novalnet payment service account. Avoid all hassles of acquiring and setting up and maintaining physical devices.

3. Fully Secure

All payments are processed on a fully secure page hosted by Novalnet who collects, secures & tokenizes card data in real-time while processing payments. Our PCI/GDPR compliant Privacy Vault ensures all PII data are managed securely.

Why virtual terminal?

B2B / B2C / D2C payments

Collect payments straight from our dashboard or integrate into your
ERP/CRM (SAP, Salesforce, etc.) workflows using our APIs.

Small businesses

Brick and mortar businesseses without webshops or POS systems can accept payments in a fully secure environment. Security and safety of payment information is completely managed by Novalnet.

Multiple payment methods

Unlike conventional POS machines which can process only cards, Novalnet’s virtual terminal allows you to accept Direct Debit SEPA and invoice payments too.

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Accept MOTO payments the way you like it

In addition to virtual terminal, Novalnet also offers MOTO / Pay-by-Link payment with support for more than 100 payment methods


Close a sale instantly by sharing a payment link instantly


Include a payment link in your emails, complete with your own branding

Social media

Create sales channels out of your social networks

QR Code

Create QR Codes out of your payment link to offer better accessibility and reach


Include payment links to your invoices or quotes to remove payment bottlenecks


Send a payment request and redirect your customers to a fuly secure payment page