a female merchant selling goods online through merchant account

Does Your Business Need A Merchant Account?

Heard of a merchant account but don’t know if you need one? Learn more in this blog.

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mobile payments done via card

6 Tips To Choose a Payment Service Provider in Europe in 2022

Working with the right payments partner can have a wealth of benefits. But how do you choose the best one for your business? Read on to know more.

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Online banking

Choosing the Best Acquiring Bank for your Business in Europe 2022

Acquiring bank, single acquirer vs multi-acquirer – you must have heard all of that. But what do they mean and how do you choose what is best for you?

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photo of a cart with shopping bags

How to Reduce Cart Abandonment in Cross Border E-commerce 2022

Learn how to boost sales, woo new buyers, and build your brand in global markets.

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Young woman paying her bill through digital payments

How To Target the Right Customers with the Right Payments Strategy

Knowing what your customers like helps you to design payments that they will love. Learn how the right payment approach can give your business the edge.

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Novalnet AG supports Caritas Germany

Secure donations: Why Caritas relies on Novalnet for payment processing

How can a charity ensure secure payment processing? We spoke to Jürgen Imm, head of the IT management department, about his experiences. In an interview, the experienced IT specialist explains how Caritas uses Novalnet services to process donations and what requirements a full-service payment provider should fulfil. Caritas Association: Help for people in need You […]

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5 Questions You Should Ask When Setting Up Your Payments (as a Small Business Owner)

Payments can be a daunting affair if you are a new business that is just starting out. Asking the right questions can help you use payments more efficiently and with massive gains.

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Young woman paying her bill through digital payments

Account-to-Account Payments: What Merchants Need to Know

Consumers are seeking more embedded payment experiences, while merchants are looking to offer the best payment options to them. A maturing open banking system and real-time payment rails have led to A2A payments becoming one of the hottest emerging payment methods. Here is how businesses can gain from this versatile form of payment.

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Subscription digital payment through phone

Variable Recurring Payments: What Are They And How Can They Help Businesses

Variable Recurring Payments have the ability to revolutionize the way real-time payments are made. And as Open Banking in Europe matures and grows, the scope of variable recurring payments is huge for consumers as well as businesses.

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payment analytics graph

4 Payment Strategies To Expand Your Business Globally

Growing e-commerce sales and digital adoption worldwide have opened up a world of opportunities for businesses looking to expand into global markets. Adopting new payment technologies can play a pivotal role in reaching new customers and building a global brand.

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family doing online shopping

5 Ways to Improve Payments, Reach New Customers, and Grow Your Business

The right mix of payment methods can help e-commerce merchants to ignite their sales and create a shopping experience customers love. Learn how you can build the right payment mix and stay competitive.

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old woman making card payments online

Five Payment Methods Every Growing Business in Europe Should Adopt

Consumers in Europe are paying more through digital channels. Businesses need to offer the flexibility of payment choices to engage customers and grow their revenue.

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