a female merchant selling goods online through merchant account

Does Your Business Need A Merchant Account?

Heard of a merchant account but don’t know if you need one? Learn more in this blog.

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A mobile screen showing mobile payment

How to Choose a Mobile Payment Gateway in 2022

Mobile payments are fast becoming the norm in Europe. A mobile payment gateway is hence crucial for businesses of all sizes.

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mobile payments done via card

6 Tips To Choose a Payment Service Provider in Europe in 2022

Working with the right payments partner can have a wealth of benefits. But how do you choose the best one for your business? Read on to know more.

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Finger print ID registered in a hand held device

How the European Digital ID Wallet Will Make Your Payments Safer

A secure and trusted identity service, the EU Digital ID is on its way. Know how it will make your payments safer and easier

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3 Ways to Accept Payments Without a Website in 2022

Accepting online payments without a website or online shop is possible. But how do you go about it? Learn more in this blog.

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Digital Wallet

Top 4 Ways to Accept Payments On the Go in 2022

Learn how to take payments on the go, reduce in-store queues and speed up your checkouts.

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What is TARGET Instant Payments (TIPS) and How it Helps Businesses in Europe

This real-time payment system offers merchants in Europe a fast and easy way to transfer payments across the region.

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Avoid Late Payments With Automated Accounts Receivable Management in 2022

Empower your team, optimize revenues, and streamline your payments with accounts receivable automation.

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How Payment Links Help You Get Paid Faster in 2022

Pay-by-link is a simple and effective tool to collect your payments on time. Learn more about how to use them for your business.

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Can You Make and Receive SEPA payments from the UK after Brexit?

If you have found yourself asking this question – “Can I use SEPA to send or accept payments between the UK and the EU?” – then the short answer is, yes, you can. Since Brexit, you might expect new rules since the UK is no longer a part of the EU. If you are a business that wants to make SEPA payments from the EU to the UK and vice versa, read on to know more.

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Faster payments

What Are Faster Payments in the UK: Everything Merchants Need to Know

The Faster Payments Service makes real-time payments of up to £ 1 million possible anywhere in the UK. Know more about how it saves time, money and hassle.

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Cute young woman holding white credit card for shopping online with computer while sitting in the kitchen at home.

P27 and the Future of Cross-border Payments in the Nordics

Learn how P27, the pan-Nordic instant payments platform, is set to transform the payments landscape in Europe.

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