Virtual agent

Virtual agent A virtual agent is a software that is usually capable of learning and takes over certain predefined tasks independently. In doing so, it gradually adapts to the user’s needs via a “learning-by-doing” process and sooner or later realizes an excellent success rate. A virtual agent can be used in a wide variety of […]

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Virtual companies

Virtual companies Virtual companies are mergers of several companies for a limited period of time in order to pursue a common business purpose. This form of enterprise has emerged as a result of the ever-increasing competitive pressure on national and international markets and takes account of shortened product life cycles and intensified competition. Virtual companies […]

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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Viral marketing is also known as viral marketing. This term is used to describe advertising measures whose content spreads like an epidemic or like a “virus” within a very short time. To achieve this goal, the advertiser makes sure that a message related to a brand, a specific advertising campaign or a product […]

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View time

View time View time refers to the amount of time an Internet user spends looking at a website. It is the time that elapses from calling up the page until leaving or switching to another page. View time is a so-called key performance indicator (KPI) that can be used to express the visibility duration of […]

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Mail order

Mail order Mail order is the term used whenever customers order goods via means of communication such as the Internet, fax or telephone. It is the counterpart to retail trade, where there is personal contact between buyer and seller. In the case of mail order, there is no direct exchange between the customer and the […]

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Unique Content

Unique Content The term unique content is used to describe content on websites that does not appear twice on the web. It is primarily used in connection with unique texts, but videos, graphics or other media can also be unique content. This contrasts with the term duplicate content, which refers to content that has already […]

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Trustcenter The term trust center denotes confidence. A trust center is responsible for ensuring trust between the parties involved in the exchange of electronic data. When information and data are exchanged via the Internet, the parties involved cannot be sure that the data have not been manipulated by unknown persons and no longer correspond to […]

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Transaction The term transaction is mainly used for payment transactions on the Internet. Whereas in the past, bank transfers were always handled by remittance slip and thus via the nearest branch bank, today, according to a study by the Association of German Banks, over 44 percent already use online banking to make payments. However, there […]

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Tracking URL

Tracking URL Tracking means following or tracing. A tracking URL is a link that contains certain identification keys (ID) or parameters. An additional text is added to the normal URL, which provides information about the user’s path. This can be, for example, the source from which the user came to the website in question. Tracking […]

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Trackback A trackback is used to exchange information between blogs. If a blog entry refers to the content of another blog, the trackback URL can be used to link to the original blog. Some systems do such trackbacks automatically, others require the trackback URL to be entered manually. Reference to an original article with trackback […]

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Thumbnail The word thumbnail describes in the IT area a kind of preview image, image preview or also thumbnail image. Use of Thumbnails A thumbnail offers the possibility to display many small images on a single web page. For the visitor of the web page this results in a better overview. Furthermore, he has the […]

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Text link exchange

Text link exchange The term text link exchange refers to the linking of two websites. The link is made using an HTML hyperlink. The linked websites are referred to as link partners. Types of text link exchange Websites can be linked in two different ways. In the case of reciprocal text link exchange, both websites […]

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