Secure payments

Accept payments via a fully-secure payment form with multi-vendor, multi-cart support, using country-specific payment methods your customers like.

Marketplace payments

Automate split payments to participating merchants and the marketplace owner by setting up payment rules and schedules using our easy-to-use dashboard. All payments are calculated and transferred directly to all parties from our escrow accounts.

Affiliate payments

Easily set up revenue share calculation rules in the dashboard to remove affiliate commission calculations’ pain. Then, commissions are calculated, and payments are transferred automatically from our escrow accounts.

Bringing businesses together efficiently

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Your funds are always safe

Escrow accounts

Your funds are always safe, stored in an insolvency-proof escrow account until paid out to you –always right on schedule.

AI-based fraud prevention

We secure your business at scale and proactively stop payment fraud and chargebacks from damaging your business’ integrity.

Receivables management

Novalnet’s automated receivables management system keeps your cash inflow at its optimum, and helps you keep a close watch on your receivables.