The data centres used by Novalnet meet the highest technological standards and offer secure operating environments that conform to all certifications and regulations that govern Novanlet’s security policies.

The server infrastructure is ISO-27001 certified (IT-Grundschutz certification of the BSI). Novalnet guarantees data storage within Germany and thus complies with all German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) regulations.

Main performance features

  • N+1 infrastructure with a parallel supply path
  • Service level guarantee
  • Uninterruptible power supply systems
  • Precision-controlled air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Automatic smoke and fire detection, alarm and suppression systems
  • Stringent security policy, including round-the-clock security service
  • Zoned operating environment with access control

Power supply

  • ≥ 99.999 % p. a. availability for power supply
  • AlwaysOn technology for redundant UPS supply of A- and B-feed.
  • Emergency power via emergency power system with fuel supply for at least 72 hours at full load
  • Fuel tanks that can be refilled during operation (refuelling before reaching the minimum fill level ensured by the 24/7 supply contract)
  • Redundant connection to the energy supplier
  • 100 % use of renewable energy

Air conditioning

  • Air conditioning via KyotoCooling® (allows cooling for over 90 % of the year without mechanical compressors’ high energy consumption, i.e. saving approximately 70 % of the energy output compared to conventional data centres).
  • ≥ 99.999 % p.a. availability for air conditioning
  • Separation of cold and warm areas by warm aisle containment and warm air separation via double ceiling

Network connectivity

  • ≥ 99.99 % p.a. availability of the backbone
    Multiple redundant and carrier-neutral Internet connection
  • The total capacity of the network connection is 4 Tbit/s
  • Connections via Layer-1 (DWDM/CWDM), Layer-2 (Ethernet/Fibre Channel) or Layer-3 (IP/MPLS) from 100 Mbit/s to 200 Gbit/s possible
  • Redundant connection to all major peering points
  • DE-CIX Enabled Site (all DE-CIX services available on site)

Fire protection

  • Area-wide fire alarm system and early fire detection with direct connection to the local fire department
  • Zone-specific fire extinguishing system using nitrogen inerting (N2) and oxygen reduction capabilities is provided by OxyReduct®
  • Use of non-combustible or only flame-retardant materials
  • Structural measures per fire resistance class F90


  • Video surveillance with archiving
  • 24/7 on-site security service
  • Biometric access control with 24/7 access
  • Room-in-room concept separates IT areas from external walls
  • Perimeter protection with security fence and separation gates
  • Rack monitoring with robust monitoring systems
  • Separate cages within the data centre with security, access and intrusion detection systems
  • Certifications and testing
  • ISO/IEC 27001: Information security management system
  • ISO 27001: Certification based on IT-Grundschutz
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1: Service management system
  • ISO 9001: Quality management system
  • EN 50600: Construction and operation of secure data centres
  • VdS 3406: Object-specific security management system
  • PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • ISAE 3402 Type II: Internal control system based on COBIT 5