Develop in-depth business insights using the extensive data available in your admin dashboard.

Automated reports

Forget accounting worries when you use our reporting tools to sync all transactions and their status with your accounting, CRM or ERP system in real-time.

Universal formats

Choose from a variety of formats and data fields to match your accounting system, including CSV, XML, SOAP, IDoc and MT940.

Stay in sync with real-time analytics

We understand the need for complete transparency and access to detailed information on every transaction, including billing addresses, masked account details and credit card tokens. That’s why we built a powerful analytics and reporting engine that syncs detailed transaction information in real-time.

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Access data the way you want

Easy sync

Access and sync transaction details using API, SFTP upload, a callback script, email, or a straightforward file download.

Flexible frequency

Set data sync frequency to match your accounting needs. SFTP and email can be set up for daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly deliveries.

Automated monitoring

24/7 monitoring of all critical functions ensure that any anomaly transactions are flagged in real-time, including chargebacks and return debits.