Online shop

Online shop Similar to normal shopping malls and stores, online shops (also known as “electronic stores”) offer prospective customers the opportunity to obtain product information. Furthermore, suppliers can present their products. E-shops therefore offer the opportunity to initiate and support transactions (consisting of information, agreement, processing and service) and, if necessary, to process them completely […]

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Online service

Online service Online services ( abbreviation: ISP) can be divided into different categories on the basis of their different service focuses. Basically, an online service is a commercial provider that offers its consumers dial-up access to a (dedicated/open) computer network, as well as its own content on this network. There are network providers, i.e., providers […]

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Network Provider

Network Provider A network provider is a provider of networks that are necessary for managing content on the Internet. In Germany, network providers are also known as Internet service providers, or ISPs for short, and simply providers. The services of network providers can be accessed and used via the Internet. The most classic services provided […]

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Network A network is an infrastructural system. It enables various independent devices to be connected to each other and thus to communicate with each other via data exchange. Such devices are primarily computers that can access the same resources via the network. These resources are primarily data and databases. However, they also include devices such […]

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Micropayment The term micropayment stands for payments of very small amounts and can also be referred to as micro payments. Micropayment is particularly important when paying for digital goods such as newspaper articles or pieces of music, downloading software or computer games, whose prices are often less than five euros. Micropayment with PayPal PayPal is […]

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Micro-Site Definition A micro-site is a small website with very few sub-pages and is also referred to as a micro-website. It is visually separated from the actual website of the information provider and therefore independent of it. Contents of the micro-site A micro-site usually contains very comprehensive information on a specific topic or subject. As […]

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Metadata The term metadata is relatively new and only emerged with the commercial use of computer and information technology, and thus with the storage of data and its analysis and archiving. However, the principle of reference and formal specifications inherent in the term “metadata” has been library practice for centuries. A current example of metadata […]

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Merchant server

Merchant server The merchant server could be described in the broadest sense as a “merchant provider”. This is a software program for the development and operation of an online store. A merchant server is often also referred to as a commerce server. Offer of merchant servers According to the individual wishes and ideas for an […]

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Media Objects

Media Objects The “media objects” are generally objects that serve to illustrate certain contents on a website. The construction and filling of a website with content sometimes means a lot of work for the website operator. Media objects can be used to make the website more descriptive for users and thus more user-friendly. Media objects […]

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Marketplace Virtual marketplaces (“e-marketplaces”) are electronically managed institutions for the exchange of services. They provide the institutional framework for transaction processes between suppliers and consumers and compete with other distribution and communication media. Furthermore, virtual marketplaces have a coordination function vis-à-vis the producers and consumers operating in them by providing the virtual trading space for […]

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Mailing List

Mailing List A mailing list is a list of email or postal addresses and is often used for sending press releases or news. It provides a group, in which all email addresses are publicly viewable, with the ability to exchange news and information in letter form. All addresses are maintained in a single place in […]

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Listing The addition of a new product to the range of goods can be referred to as a listing. The results page in response to a search query on the Internet is also referred to as a listing, whereby a basic distinction is made between “Organic” and “Paid Listing”. Organic Listing Organic Listing can be […]

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