A woman making a mobile payment at a retail store

Build the Perfect Retail Payment Strategy: Lessons for E-commerce Business Leaders

Online retail is growing rapidly across the world. More people are buying directly from brands, and seem likely to continue doing so. This means brands must connect with customers through smooth and secure shopping experiences to enhance brand value and keep them coming back for more.

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CPU and euro bills over an EU map, symbolizing the Digital Euro.

How will Digital Euro Impact Payments in Europe?

The European Commission recently introduced new legislation on the digital euro. The putative currency, which will “complement and not replace” the physical euro, could come into use by 2026. The digital euro is the digital version of the euro. It would exist alongside the euro as an additional form of online or electronic payment. But what will this mean for payments and will it impact your business?

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a lady paying using credit card through the phone

8 Ways Reliable Payment Gateway Providers Improve Customer Experience

Hey there, online merchants! If you’re running an online business, you know that the name of the game is creating a seamless customer experience. And when it comes to payments, you need a reliable payment gateway provider that’s got your back. That’s why we’re here to talk about the ways in which these gateways can help you create an exceptional customer experience. So, buckle up and let’s dive into it!

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Bank wire transfer, hologram futuristic interface, augmented virtual reality

What is an International Wire Transfer and How Can a Business Use It?

An international wire transfer is a method to transfer funds electronically from a bank account in one country to another bank account in a different country. It is also known as international bank transfer or credit transfer. A bank wire transfer is one of the safest ways to send cross-border payments. This blog tells you how international wire transfers work and how to use them in your business.

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Transferring money instantly online

What are Real-time Payments: A Complete Guide for Businesses

Real-time payments are instant payments that can be made between two bank accounts, at any time, any day of the year. Real-time payments make your B2B payments a breeze. But what are they and how do they work? Why use real-time payments? Who uses real-time payments? Find out more in this blog.

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men and women in a workplace

Leveraging Neuroscience in the Workplace

The mission of Novalnet is to help businesses to thrive by developing innovative payment solutions and financial management tools. As part of this endeavour, we are releasing a series of articles to help build better workplaces and so better businesses. “Leveraging Neuroscience in the Workplace” is the first article of this series.

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A three dimensional figure, walking on a rope holding a word risk.

Why Do You Need a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Are you a high-risk merchant? Do you sell globally and worry about transaction risks and fraud? In that case, you need a high-risk merchant account. In this blog, we help you understand what a high-risk merchant account is and if your business needs one. Read on to know more.

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Payment Gateway versus Payment Processor

Decoding Payments: 4 Payment Terms Every Small Business Owner Should Know

Starting your own business? For any small business that is starting out, having an understanding of the payment terms can go a long way in helping you create the best payment offerings for your customers. Online merchants must be aware of the key payment terms in order to smoothly navigate the world of online payments. In this blog, we talk about the ‘Big 4’ payment terms that you must know about.

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Cashless payment made in a cafe

How Digital Payments Increase Your Profits

Digital payments are the new normal. Businesses must adopt them to stay ahead and delight customers. Digital payments help you to design more seamless checkout journeys. You can easily embed payments into your checkout process so that buyers can pay easily at the click of a button. Learn how they improve your sales and drive profits.

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Euro Banknotes And Coins In Cash counter

Why Legacy Payment Systems Hurt Your Business

Legacy payments are not helpful for your business. To stay competitive, you can’t risk sticking to older technology and still hope of market leadership. Learn why you need to upgrade to stay competitive in the market as this blog has focused on the main issues with these systems.

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A tiny cart with products kept close to a web shop

4 Reasons Why E-commerce Merchants Should Modernize Payments

To stay competitive in digital-first markets in Europe, businesses need to move fast in adopting newer payments tech and raise their game. Brands need to relook at modern payments to offer the best to their customers and engage today’s digital natives. Digital payment solutions offer new answers to problems. They help you cut through complexity and make payments more strategic to your business. Do you want to learn how modern payments help you build a solid business?

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A man trying pay through his e-watch

The Next Phase of Digital Payments in Europe: Key takeaways for Businesses

Payment methods in the EU are changing, and innovation is at the heart of it. These changes will impact the future of digital payments in Europe. There are great opportunities for new businesses entering into the emerging markets. Here’s a look at 3 payment trends that are shaping the next stage of digital payments in the EU.

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