upset women over payment fraud

4 Ways How Merchants Can Fight Omnichannel Payment Fraud

An omnichannel retail strategy helps you reach more customers but also leaves you vulnerable to sophisticated types of fraud. Understand the types of omnichannel payment fraud that can happen and what you can do to fight them.

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novalnet b2b funker

B2B # 011 – Deep-Dive into Payment in B2B with Emmanuel Kirse and Christoph Drewes from Novalnet

Episode 11 of the B2B Funker Podcasts is all about payment for B2B e-commerce. Mr Emmanuel Kirse and Mr Christoph Drewes, payment specialists from Novalnet in Munich, share their expertise and thoughts on whether we will be paying with Bitcoin in B2B in the next few years

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woman upset over payment failure

6-Step Guide to Prevent Payment Failures

Failed payments can impact your revenue and brand reputation. It is critical to detect and mitigate failed payments to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver long-term brand value.

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old woman making card payments online

Five Payment Methods Every Growing Business in Europe Should Adopt

Consumers in Europe are paying more through digital channels. Businesses need to offer the flexibility of payment choices to engage customers and grow their revenue.

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a young woman making card payment in the bill counter

6 Ways How Payments Can Improve Your Customer Retention

Retaining your existing customers is critical for the success of your business. Optimizing your payment systems can be a critical step towards improving customer experience and retention.

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a happy woman making digital payment through card

How To Use In-App Payments To Boost Customer Engagement

Mobile commerce has been growing at a scorching pace and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In-app payment solutions are critical to having an effective m-commerce strategy.

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a note on the table reads pay debt

Why E-commerce Merchants Should Automate their Debt Collection

Late payments are costly for your business. Not only do they choke your cash flow, but chasing them also eats into your time and resources. Automating your debt collection helps you avoid late payments and makes the entire collections process much more efficient

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A button on the keyboard reads Buy now, pay later

How Can E-commerce Merchants Boost Sales with Buy Now Pay Later

Point-of-Sale loans are becoming a big hit amongst consumers looking to spread out their payments. Recent investments by leading fintech players in Buy Now Pay Later indicate the market is ripe for growth. But is your e-commerce company ready for it?

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Digital payment made through PayPal

How to Accept Payments Through PayPal

There are scores of online payment methods available to consumers in Europe. Online retailers have to keep pace with these changing payment preferences to ensure customer loyalty and increased sales.

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A smart phone

How Can Merchants in Europe Use Digital Wallets to Drive Sales

Alternative payment methods are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Merchants need to offer as many payment methods as possible to cater to the needs of customers. Security, flexibility, and convenience are the main factors driving this demand.

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illustration of ecommerce sales

Why Should E-commerce Merchants Use One-Click Payments?

One-Click payments enable customers to complete their checkout faster. They make use of tokens that enable one-click shopping while keeping payments secure.

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card payment made through a device

PCI DSS – Why Do You Need It?

PCI DSS is the gold standard to ensure that card payments are carried out safely and securely. Merchants have to comply with these standards to protect from losses or even possibly going out of business.

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