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Are Debit Cards Making a Comeback in Europe?

Debit cards have not gone out of fashion, as new research shows. More people in Europe are using debit cards, more than ever before. Debit card payments in Europe have grown twice as fast as the number of debit cards issued. Across the region, over 17 markets see over a billion debit card transactions each year! This includes the Czech Republic, with more than 100 debit transactions per person every year. But, what can businesses learn from this trend?


What to Expect from the New PSD3 Regulation?

Is a new regulation on the horizon? What is PSD3 likely going to be about? Is it mandatory in Europe? Is there a deadline? How PSD3 will Impact Your Business? Read on to know more about what has changed since PSD2. and what to Expect from the New PSD3 Regulation.

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5 Ways to Ready Your Payments for the Upcoming Peak Sales Season

As peak sales season approaches, e-commerce merchants must prepare well for the rush. You must prepare your business, especially your payments, to make the most of this peak season. Many retailers face payment failures, higher fraud, and high payment costs because of ill-prepared payment systems. In this blog, we lay out five ways how payments can help.

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How Digital Payments Increase Your Profits

Digital payments are the new normal. Businesses must adopt them to stay ahead and delight customers. Digital payments help you to design more seamless checkout journeys. You can easily embed payments into your checkout process so that buyers can pay easily at the click of a button. Learn how they improve your sales and drive profits.


How Real-Time Payments Help You Create More Value

Real-time payments move money faster and more efficiently between parties. This means faster and hassle-free settlements. As consumers today, demand instant gratification. No surprise, even payments have gone real-time now. But what makes them an ideal choice? And how do they add value to your business? Know more about how they help your business.

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Why Automated Payment Reconciliation is Necessary for Your Business

To keep your business successfully running, it is vital to make sure that everything adds up when it comes to finances. And this is what payment reconciliation does. From lower costs and lesser errors to reduced financial risks, automated payment reconciliation helps your business in many ways. Know more in this blog.

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Why Legacy Payment Systems Hurt Your Business

Legacy payments are not helpful for your business. To stay competitive, you can’t risk sticking to older technology and still hope of market leadership. Learn why you need to upgrade to stay competitive in the market as this blog has focused on the main issues with these systems.

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KYC & SCA: How They Help You Keep Payments Safe and Boost Customer Trust

Knowing your customers is essential to offer them the best. It helps you understand what they like and keep them safe from fraud. KYC helps you verify the identity of each customer before you onboard them or accept payments from them. You must use KYC in order to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) in Europe. Keep reading more about this.


3 Mistakes to Avoid in Cross-Border Payments

Transacting across Europe? Getting your cross-border payments right is crucial if you want to avoid negative impacts like late payments or payment fraud. Most cross-border payments still rely on traditional legacy methods that are slow and inefficient. Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when doing business across international borders.

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How to Use Data for Better Payments

Data has exploded as more people take to online shopping and payments in Europe. As a merchant in Europe, know how data will change the way consumers and brands interact. Analyzing this data can give you rich insights that help you run your business better. Learn how this data can help you design seamless payments and delight customers.


4 Reasons Why E-commerce Merchants Should Modernize Payments

To stay competitive in digital-first markets in Europe, businesses need to move fast in adopting newer payments tech and raise their game. Brands need to relook at modern payments to offer the best to their customers and engage today’s digital natives. Digital payment solutions offer new answers to problems. They help you cut through complexity and make payments more strategic to your business. Do you want to learn how modern payments help you build a solid business?

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Prevent Fraud at Each Stage of E-commerce Payments: Here’s How

Merchants in Europe must take decisive steps to combat fraud. It is not about having a one-size approach, but rather about taking a holistic view of your payments and using data and AI the right way. Here’s how you can prevent fraud at each stage of e-commerce payments.



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