Cross-border payments

How to Balance Speed and User Experience in Cross-border payments

Convenience lies at the heart of payments today. We can’t imagine a life without instant payments. Convenience and user experience matters, yet B2B cross-border payments have been lacking in those areas. But newer methods are helping businesses to make cross-border payments in real-time without sacrificing UX. Learn more in this blog.

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men and women in a workplace

Leveraging Neuroscience in the Workplace

The mission of Novalnet is to help businesses to thrive by developing innovative payment solutions and financial management tools. As part of this endeavour, we are releasing a series of articles to help build better workplaces and so better businesses. “Leveraging Neuroscience in the Workplace” is the first article of this series.

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Novalnet Airbus

Airbus Chooses Novalnet as its Payment Service Provider

Airbus has chosen Novalnet as its global payment service provider. In a Europe-wide tender, the group was looking for a specialized full-service payment provider with global expertise for the individual needs of Airbus. Read more to know what this collaboration will bring about.

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Novalnet AG supports Caritas Germany

Secure donations: Why Caritas relies on Novalnet for payment processing

How can a charity ensure secure payment processing? We spoke to Jürgen Imm, head of the IT management department, about his experiences. In an interview, the experienced IT specialist explains how Caritas uses Novalnet services to process donations and what requirements a full-service payment provider should fulfil. Caritas Association: Help for people in need You […]

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mobile payments done via card

Why Accept Contactless Payments? A Guide for Merchants in Europe

Two in three Europeans now use contactless payments, and the numbers are rising. Merchants who tap into this opportunity will have an edge in being seen as future-ready and safety conscious, particularly in times when convenience and social distancing are big.

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Cashless payment made in a cafe

Electronic Payment Rules in Europe: 6 Points Merchants Should Know

For a business, payments can be a rather complex affair to navigate. Merchants in Europe have to keep pace with changing developments – in payments technology, regulation, and consumer behaviour – to stay competitive. Digital payments have been steadily growing in popularity in Europe, where traditionally, cash has been king. Here are 6 points you should know as a merchant.

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novalnet b2b funker

B2B # 011 – Deep-Dive into Payment in B2B with Emmanuel Kirse and Christoph Drewes from Novalnet

Episode 11 of the B2B Funker Podcasts is all about payment for B2B e-commerce. Mr Emmanuel Kirse and Mr Christoph Drewes, payment specialists from Novalnet in Munich, share their expertise and thoughts on whether we will be paying with Bitcoin in B2B in the next few years. See what happens next as you listen to the Podcast.

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representational image to stop fraud

How to Protect your Payments from Account Takeover fraud

What is Identity Theft? Identity theft happens when your (or your customers’) personal and financial data is stolen. This could include your ID, bank account details, or credit/ debit card info. The stolen data is then used to make transactions or purchases or sold to other criminals. Identity theft can happen in a number of […]

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payment API illustration

Here’s How APIs Make Your Payments Better

You can transform your payments using the right APIs. But what are they, and how exactly do they help your business?

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payment analytics graph

Here’s Why Payments Analytics is Good for Your Brand

Payments have a direct link to your brand’s reputation and consumer trust. Mapping shopper data the right way can bring tons of benefits.

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a woman watching subscribed OTT app

How to Manage Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

Consider this. Subscription businesses have grown by more than 400% over the last nine years. This is about five to eight times faster than traditional businesses! Subscriptions can help you to boost revenue and deepen engagement with your customers. But, managing them can pose their own hurdles. Learn how you can get the best out of your subscription payments.

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Virtual Cards and the Future of Travel

Card payments across Europe totalled over € 3.8 billion in 2020. And as contactless buying soars, virtual cards are coming into their own.

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