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Fair pricing based on individual business models

15+ fully automated services starting from 49,90 €

Choose the most suitable pricing model for your specific business needs.

Pricing 1

Transaction costs & Disagio
  • Based on turnover

Pricing 2

Flat Rate
  • Subject to fees

Pricing 3

Scaled conditions
  • Based on turnover

Pricing 4

  • Subject to fees

Billing options

You can choose between these two options:

1. Automatic settling: Novalnet fees will be deducted from the generated turnover before the money is settled.

2. Invoice: Generated turnover will be paid as such, and no fees will be deducted at this point. The Novalnet fees are invoiced separately.


Novalnet offers different settlement cycles, such as daily, every three days, weekly, monthly etc. The cycles depend on the respective payment method and the associated risks of chargeback. For a detailed overview of the best possible cycle for your individual case, please contact our payment experts below.

Novalnet offers two different settlement options: net and gross settlement. This split helps the merchant to monitor their turnover and costs in a detailed manner. Both options are available on Novalnet's payment platform and can be customized based on individual needs.

Novalnet's accounting department will provide you with a settlement file for each executed settlement. You will have a clear overview of the payouts and individual costs of all transactions and get to export the data easily to your own accounting system, be it SAP, DATEV, Navision etc. For more information please contact our payment expert team below