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4 Way How Invoice Factoring Benefits Your Business

Invoice factoring is a type of alternative financing that helps SMEs tackle the problem of late payments and generate working capital more quickly. Invoice factoring is an important, and growing source of business finance, especially for small businesses. In this article, find out more about invoice factoring and how it benefits your business.

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A button on the keyboard reads Buy now, pay later, BNPL

BNPL in Europe: What to Expect in 2023

Buy Now Pay Later has become one of the hottest payment trends in Europe. But with increasing scrutiny from regulators and a growing debate around bad debt, what does the future hold for BNPL and what does it mean for merchants? Learn more in this blog.

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4 Ways How Click-to-Pay Benefits Your Business

Slow checkouts can be frustrating. A slow and complicated payment process is often cited as one of the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Click to pay has emerged as a valuable payment method in recent years, making online shopping easier and more convenient. So, what is click to pay, and how does it help your business? Find out in this blog.

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A happy woman makes a card payment seated in a cafe

Consumer Payment Preferences in Europe: Learnings for Businesses

Digital payments have grown in Europe, but cash is not completely out yet. Compared to a decade ago, and even more so since the pandemic, the ways people pay have changed dramatically. So how are consumers in Europe paying? Learn more in this blog.

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a lady paying using credit card through the phone

5 Payment Tips to Improve Your Checkout Process

Today, e-commerce has become faster, and with it, consumer demand for speed, accuracy, and security has grown too. A smooth checkout process is vital for a successful business. In this article, find out how to create a seamless checkout experience by avoiding basic payment errors and optimizing the resources you have.

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Mobile Payment Trends

How to Accept Mobile Payments in 2023

Mobile payments are essential for all businesses. Especially, with more shoppers preferring to pay with their mobile devices. Given the ease and convenience they provide, it’s no surprise that mobile payments have become people’s go-to choice for making payments, whether online or in stores. Learn what mobile payments are and how your business can accept them.

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Person upset over time delay

How to Avoid Late Payments in 2023

Late payments have many negative effects on a business – from hampering cash flow to creating day sales outstanding (DSO). Late payments are a big challenge for businesses of all sizes. It is one of the leading causes of the failure of many new and small and mid-sized enterprises. In this article, we tell you how to prevent and manage late payments.

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A person making an online payment through mobile wallet

Mobile Payments in Europe: What Merchants Need to Know in 2023

M-commerce and mobile payments are skyrocketing across Europe. Digital wallets are favoured by merchants too, as they are more secure and are easy and cheaper to install. Merchants need to prepare to make the most of it and become more mobile-ready to reach new consumers and boost sales and brand exposure. Read on to know how

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A woman entrepreneur owning a small business

How to Manage Your Cash Flow in a Recession

Protecting your cash flow is essential to protect your business from risks in uncertain times. Recession fears have been looming over Europe in recent times, and though latest forecasts state that the EU is set to avoid recession, economic instability still persists. In this article, we discuss a few strategies to improve cash flow, reduce risk, and keep your business resilient during a recession.

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Online shop show the process of adding a product to cart

How to Choose a Payment Service Provider in 2023

A payment service provider is essential for modern businesses. Not only do they help you process your payments, you also gain from deep insights and tech solutions that help you become more customer-centric. So, how do you choose the best one for your business? In this article, we look at 5 questions to help you choose your ideal PSP.

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a woman watching subscribed OTT app

3 Best Payment Methods for Subscription Payments in 2023

Subscriptions are great for businesses that sell products or services to customers on a regular basis. It is a fast and trusted way to create a consistent income while maintaining a loyal customer base. This article looks at some of the best payment methods that a business can offer for subscription services.

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A happy woman makes a card payment seated in a cafe

How Payments Enhance Your Brand Experience in 2023

Why a customer-centric approach is essential in 2023 The scorching growth of e-commerce throughout Europe, and the subsequent boom in digital payments, have made the world of online retail highly competitive. Whether you are a merchant selling directly to customers, or to larger business customers, you need to cut through the clutter and create an […]

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