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We are very pleased about our collaboration with OroCommerce, which will no doubt provide understanding the Next Wave of eCommerce: Guide to Enterprise Marketplaces (Download now)

This guide is intended for users to introduce the marketplace concept to leaders in many business disciplines. It not only explains why marketplace popularity is on the rise, but it delves into the various marketplace models, means of monetization, trends, and challenges in accepting payments.

This guide is essential reading for any forward-thinking leader. It includes insights helpful to:

  • Digital Commerce Directors
  • Marketing and Sales Executives
  • CEOs and Leadership Teams
  • CTOs and IT Leaders
  • CFOs and Finance Teams

In our guide you will find information about:

  • What are Marketplaces
  • Marketplace Models and Making Money
  • Successful Marketplace Operations and Must-Have Features
  • the Right Platform for Your Marketplace
  • Solving the Most Common Payment Challenges

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