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Market Place


Our marketplace solution is designed for online marketplace providers and enables simple processing of transactions that run on the marketplace platform. With the help of our marketplace solution, providers of a marketplace can process their payment transactions in compliance with ZAG and are thus legally protected.


ZAG-compliant marketplace solution

Marketplaces in the online sector are becoming more and more popular, but payment processing presents the owner of a marketplace with a great challenge. Therefore Novalnet AG offers a solution that enables operators to process their payment transactions in compliance with ZAG.

A wide range of payment methods

All common payment methods such as credit card payment, bank transfer, SEPA direct debit and many more can be offered to customers when processing payments via Novalnet. Merchants receive their payment directly via escrow accounts of Novalnet AG.

Fast registration of new merchants on the marketplace

Registering new merchants is quick and easy, using the online contract portal and Videoident.

Individual commissions

You can define individual conditions for each reseller.

Shopping baskets

Simple and flexible handling of mixed shopping cart.

Payment transactions legally secured

With the Novalnet AG marketplace solution, payment transactions are processed in compliance with the ZAG and are thus legally protected.