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Affiliate System

Affiliate system

Affiliate system

The Novalnet platform for affiliate programs allows you to organize your affiliate management in an easy and uncomplicated manner.

You save time and effort, as from the commission to the payout to your affiliates the entire processes are administrated by Novalnet. Additionally, you have the possibility to manage your members via the Novalnet system and to automatize your subscription management.

The Novalnet partner program platform puts an additional interface for the management of your affiliates at your disposal in direct combination with our reliable and safe payment solution.

In the course of your cooperation with Novalnet AG as payment service provider this interface, its implementation and administration are provided to you free of charge. The calculation and payout of commissions is of course carried out reliably and at the highest security level by Novalnet AG.

Using this service you save considerable time and administrative effort paying out referral commissions and turnover commissions. The automatization of the affiliate program via the Novalnet solution renders manual booking and control of affiliate payouts obsolete.

Furthermore as a merchant, you always get an overview in the Novalnet administration portal of the amount of turnover generated by each of your affiliate partners and the level of their turnover commission.

At this point, single or combined settlements can be set up. You can create any combination of commission types for your sales partners.

Possible payout options through our system are :

Pay per Lifetime: Repetitive commission payouts to affiliate (subscriptions etc.)
Pay per Lead: One-time payment with a fixed amount

You can set up new affiliates in the back end yourself, evaluate the turnover an affiliate generates and the amount of commission the affiliate received. So you and your affiliate benefit from online payment by Novalnet and a fast payout. With Novalnet as a payment service provider, you can benefit from many useful additional services such as the affiliate program along with e-payment.