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Apple Pay


Apple Pay

• Seamless & quick checkout process
• Built-in tokenization to ensure data privacy
• Fast and customized integration
• Future-oriented & level 1 certified service

Apple Pay through Novalnet - Quick checkout with a simple touch

Stay competitive in the fast developing e-commerce sector by integrating Apple Pay and other in-demand mobile payment methods for your end customers worldwide. Speed up your checkout process; ensure seamless online transactions and smooth cashless payment experiences point of sale (POS).

With Apple Pay your customers can accept transactions directly on their Apple devices that operate on iOS system (iPhone, iPad or Apple watch) with just a simple touch (Touch ID), Face ID or passcode. Credit card and shipping details are available in Apple wallet, so no manual typing is needed at the time of purchase.

Security Note: No payment information is stored on devices or servers. Instead, user and transaction identification is made via specific account numbers (tokens) issued for each customer. To ensure data privacy, only the unique tokens are transferred between devices.

Easy integration of Apple Pay with Novalnet worldwide

For Novalnet it is important that individual requirements are met during integration and payment processing is secure and professionally certified. That is why Novalnet AG employs a powerful in-house tech engine that guarantees a smooth Apple Pay implementation in existing shop systems and self-developed ones.

The integration is made very simple and no technical understanding is required from the merchant. All you need to do is get your Installation Guide including free technical support, and you will be set in a few minutes.

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