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Subscription Management

Subscription management

Subscription management

Your advantages with Novalnet subscription management :

• automatization of recurring payments
• monitoring of incoming payments
• flexible and free of charge

Novalnet AG is not only a payment service provider, but also offers you in addition an easy option to process recurring payments by our subscription management service free of charge. In this case, an original direct debit or credit card transaction is followed by the fully automated execution of further payments.

Subscriptions have their standard area of application in the sale of digital goods.Here they serve the purpose of obtaining access to a particular service for a defined recurring period (for example monthly).

You have maximal flexibility in your settings. You can offer unlimited as well as time-limited subscriptions. Every time period from one day on is possible as a debit frequency cycle (e.g. three days, one week, one month, beginning of each month etc).

Novalnet AG takes over the activation of the subscription on your behalf as well as the continuous monitoring of incoming payments. Via the comprehensive interface of Novalnet AG you can of course also activate the controls on your own.

Subscriptions with a limited duration will be automatically terminated by us at the end of the subscription period. In order to cancel unlimited subscriptions, we provide your end-users with an additional user-friendly customer portal (https://card.novalnet.de). The Novalnet AG interface also allows you to manage customer subscriptions independently.

Our e-payment services enable shop operators to automatize subscription payments and other processes to a larger extend than you can expect from most payment service providers. Request an individual offer for you.