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SEPA direct debit


SEPA direct debit

Direct debit is one of the most popular payment methods for Germans alongside purchase by invoice. The Single European Payment Area (SEPA), a Europe-wide standard direct debit procedure, has significantly simplified cross-border direct debits. SEPA direct debits enable uniform payment transactions within the European payments area with 34 participating countries, so that payments can be processed just as easily as at home. Trust in the SEPA-enabled payment modules of Novalnet AG, so that your international payment transactions also function smoothly and you can continuously increase your turnover.

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How does SEPA direct debit payment work?

SEPA direct debit was introduced by the European Payments Council for a standardized payment infrastructure within the European Union so that payments can be processed fully automatically within the Eurozone. The prerequisite for this is the written confirmation of a SEPA mandate to the Creditor. In the online sector, this mandate is usually given via electronic means. Novalnet AG offers you the possibility of SEPA direct debits collected fully automatically from the respective accounts of your customers.

How do you protect yourself against chargebacks?

There are many reasons for a chargeback. As a merchant, it is important that you are protected against fraudsters and payment defaults. For this purpose Novalnet AG offers you comprehensive risk management services with numerous fraud prevention modules, including integrated fraud checks during the payment process, credit checks, plausibility checks and database checks. For example, you can use credit checks to automatically block payment methods during checkout so that customers with a low credit score can only opt for certain, secure payment methods.

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Dunning process and Receivables management

In case payments fail to come in completely, Novalnet AG takes care of it through automated debt collection procedures, so that you as a merchant receive your money reliably. Our procedures are designed for personalization and through this ensures a high success rate in the dunning of outstanding amounts. If a dunning procedure is unsuccessful, the matter can be automatically transferred to an external collection agency. This process is completely transparent, so that you are always informed about all the dunning steps. There are no additional costs for our receivables management with the exception of legal dunning procedures and postal payment reminders.

Integrated Accounts receivable management

In order not to lose track of your customers' transactions and payments, we provide you with a comprehensive system for accounts receivable management. This enables us to keep all customer-related activities such as cash receipts, chargebacks, outstanding payments, debt-collection procedures, etc. are always up-to-date and transparent. Our accounts receivable management can be easily connected to existing inventory management systems and has extensive export functionalities simplifying accounting activities. Further advantages are the automation of processes and real-time monitoring. This saves costs and minimizes the risk of errors.