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Receivables management

Simplify your accounting

Receivables management

The advantage in payment processing via Novalnet as a payment service provider consists of a better preparation and further usability of data. The complete data is accessible to all Novalnet online merchants in real time inside the Novalnet admin portal and can be exported as a CSV file. You can transfer this data directly into your accounting system, for example into accounting software such as Datev, Tsenit, Agenda or Lexware.

You do not receive an unusable total sum of transactions from us, but a detailed breakdown that you can import into your accounting system and your internal office organization. The statement lists each single transaction, performs precise rounding and thereby enormously facilitates the bookings in your system.

This way you can save considerable administrative effort and resources. You can transmit all details such as customer name, invoice number, customer ID, gross and net amounts, ordering date, ordering time, payment type, web sites, in case you sell via several portals and many more values to your existing finance or accounting system.

As an experienced payment service provider, we know about online merchants’ needs and always strive to fulfil your requirements. Even special solutions can be implemented by prior arrangement. Furthermore, we continuously improve our services to merchants, in order to reduce the manual effort for shop maintainers by automatization in many areas.