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Smart Payment Selection


Smart Payment Selection

Smart Payment Selection refers to Novalnet's user-friendly solution where a merchant can easily activate, configure and customize payment methods for their checkout.

Why Smart Payment Selection?

Novalnet's Smart Payment Selection allows merchants to manage local and global payment methods on their own, without compromising on security. This competitive solution eliminates the complicated activation processes for integrating new payment methods, and helps merchants to start accepting payments faster. It is simple to use with drag-and-drop functionalities, and allows the merchant to customize the chosen payment methods for their checkout page.

Never compromise on payment security

A rookie mistake to make on one's online shop is to increase the amount of payment methods without paying any attention on the security side. Still today, we help thousands of merchants to make sure that the risk of payment defaults is minimized when adding new payment methods on their checkout. Novalnet's Smart Payment Selection is built to eliminate the risks of fraud in real time. Merchant can control each payment method depending on the customer and his shopping cart, as well as activate specific fraud prevention modules for payment methods. These can be for example country checks, flexible limit checks etc. Additionally, automatic matching of several credit agencies is possible.

Significant revenue increase can only be achieved when the checkout remains user-friendly and processes are 100 % secure. There should be no compromise on either.