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Your advantages :

• Registered customers worldwide (more than 16 million in Germany)
• buyer and seller protection
• interface already integrated into Novalnet payment module

PayPal is the most well-known online payment method with the highest acceptance among buyers. In Germany you reach more than 16 million registered PayPal customers, i.e. half of all online shoppers in Germany. According to PayPal, more than 100 million people worldwide use PayPal.

Via PayPal as a classical e-wallet service, a special type of payment service provider, buyers can make payments via credit card, direct debit, or giropay. A one-time registration is necessary to create a buyer’s account. After this, users have to log in for each payment via PayPal using their email address and password.

Recipient and amount are usually already provided during online shopping and the buyer only needs to confirm the payment. The vendor receives an instant confirmation of payment and can immediately send off the goods or unlock the service / download. PayPal is among the fastest payment types on the internet.

An advantage for online merchants and shop maintainers is that payments can be accepted in 24 currencies. Moreover, the principles of buyer and seller protection via PayPal are also valid worldwide. This is considered a plus especially by new customers, as trust in the shop or the website is reinforced. The new customer knows that in case of problems he will be refunded the amount of the purchase via the buyer’s protection.

Novalnet as a payment service provider providing you all current payment types from a one-stop-shop, also offers you this payment method which can be integrated easily via our payment modules.