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One Page Checkout


One Page Checkout

One Page Checkout is all about simplicity and ease of use. It streamlines the ordering process and reduces the amount of clicks required to place an order.

Novalnet's one-page checkout allows your buyers to see all at once: Review basket contents and shipping details, fill in their payment information and complete the orders all on a single page. You will benefit from faster checkout experiences, higher conversions and a higher level of usability across your shop. Novalnet’s one-page checkout allows you to:

  • Customize checkouts based on preferred design & functionalities
  • Cut down the number of aborted sales
  • Keep it simple – All data for completing orders can be entered on one page
  • Provide fast checkout option for returning buyers after login (one-click shopping
  • Integrate seamlessly so the buyer will not be redirected to any external sites

One Page Checkout = Simple step to boost revenue

A seamless buyer experience helps merchants to scale their revenue and tackle lost sales. When buyers no longer have to navigate across multiple pages and complicated processes, you’ll be left with fewer interruptions and increased customer satisfaction. This checkout type is valuable for merchant who wish to simplify their buyers' purchasing and provide a clear overview of the most important details on one page. To speed up the checkout processes even more, checkout Novalnet's one-click shopping service.

How to set up One Page Checkout

Contact Novalnet's team to learn more about the possibilities of One Page Checkout and how it could be implemented on your online shop/website. We have multiple payment plugins that also support this checkout option, such as WooCommerce, Magento etc.