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Free OXID eshop Payment Plugin

Current Novalnet payment plugin version: 11.1.6 / 11.4.3
Compatible with WAREXO version: 1.1.109
Compatible with OXID eshop version: 4.8.x – 4.10.8 and 5.1.x – 5.3.8 / 6.0.x – 6.2.3
Latest compatibility check: 03.03.2021

Free OXID eshop Payment Module

OXID eSales is one of the top leading companies in the market of eCommerce shop software solutions. The OXID eShop is scalable as well as an adaptable software with an outstanding price-performance-ratio. The complementary eCommerce platform, OXID eFire, offers profound integration possibilities to several eCommerce partners like payment providers, web controlling / data mining companies, product portals, pricing search-engines or affiliate programs and ensures online-trade with a sustainable effect and success.

Since November 2008, the company is following a commercial open source strategy, based on a closely-nit partnership with the users’ community. This works very well for the company, as a large network of users provide constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement, which are incorporated into further developments. Moreover, the requirements of enterprise customers are best addressed through this open-source platform.

Advantages at a glance

  • Easy configuration for all payment methods
  • One platform for all relevant payment types and related services
  • More than 40 fraud prevention modules integrated to prevent risk in real-time
  • Effortless  configuration of risk management with fraud prevention and payment method control
  • Comprehensive affiliate system with automated split conversion of transaction on revenue sharing
  • Dynamic subscription and member management for recurring payments
  • Status management for chargeback as well as return debit
  • Multilevel claims management with integrated handover to collection and various export functions for the Accounting
  • Automated e-mail notification function concerning payment status reports
  • Clear real-time overview and monitoring of payment status
  • Automated bookkeeping report in XML, SOAP, CSV, MT940

Key Features

  • Fast checkout that allows users to save their payment details
  • Seamless and fast integration of the payment extension
  • PCI compliant hosted page
  • Secure SSL- encoded gateways
  • Various type of integration (local form, iFrame, redirection)
  • 3D Secure/Verified by Visa supported
  • All SUPEE secure patches are supported
  • Complete automation of payment processes
  • One page checkout and one click shopping supported
  • Allowed countries customisation
  • Multi-store, multi-currency and multi-accounts supported
  • Proxy server configuration
  • Gateway timeout can be defined
  • Easy way of managing ‘on-hold’ transactions (authorize, cancel or capture) and refunds (partial, full)
  • Smart auto-fill of payment details
  • Free text configuration for the bookings (for use on bank and credit card statements)
  • Responsive templates
  • Creation of new orders and captures
  • Subscription management (suspend, reactivate, cancel) in both Magento store and Magento admin
Current Novalnet payment plugin version: 11.1.6 / 11.4.3
Compatible with OXID eshop version: 4.8.x – 4.10.8 and 5.1.x – 5.3.8 / 6.0.x – 6.2.3
Latest compatibility check: 03.03.2021
Languages: English (EN), German (DE)
Created by: Novalnet AG
Created Novalnet AG
Last Updated 03.03.2021
Version 11.1.6 / 11.4.3
Stability Stable
Language English (en), German (de)
License Freeware
Categories Payment Gateway
Tested versions 11.1.6 / 11.4.3
Compatible versions 4.8.x – 4.10.8 and 5.1.x – 5.3.8 / 6.0.x – 6.2.3
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Version Date Description & Changes
11.4.3 03.03.2021 [New] Implemented Payment duration for Prepayment
[New] Implemented enforce 3D secure payment for countries outside EU
[Fix] Updated Checkout page and Order history page for shop theme
[Fix] Adjusted payment module to restrict double booking for redirect payment
[Enhanced] Barzahlen payment name and logo
[Enhanced] Callback has been optimized as per the new testcase
[Removed] PIN by callback and PIN by SMS for Direct Debit SEPA and Invoice payment methods
[Removed] href links for the payment logo
[Removed] Proxy server configuration
[Removed] Gateway timeout configuration
[Removed] Referrer Id configuration
11.4.2 21.09.2020 [Fix] Chrome SameSite cookies
11.4.1 18.04.2020 [Fix] Compatibility for Oxid eShop 6.2.0
11.4.0 02.08.2019 [Enhanced] Creation of order as default before executing payment call in the shop system (for all redirect payment methods: online bank transfers, Credit Card-3D secure and wallet systems), to avoid the missing orders on completion of payment on non-return of end user due to end user closed the browser or time out at payment, etc.!
11.3.0 28.02.2019 [New] Notify end customer for storing Card / Account information
[New] Custom checkout overlay for Barzahlen
[Enhanced] Implemented new encryption method for redirect payments
[Enhanced] Auto configuration call perform via cURL method
[Enhanced] Guaranteed payment minimum amount reduced to 9.99 EUR
[Enhanced] Adjusted the payment module for IPV6 condition
[Removed] Autofill and Payment refill for payment data
[Removed] BIC field for Direct Debit SEPA
[Removed] Payment reference configuration for Invoice / prepayment
[Removed] Dynamic subscription management
[Removed] Transaction reference in payments
11.1.6 29.11.2018 [Fixed] Adjusted payment module for IPV6 condition
[Enhanced] Guaranteed payment minimum amount reduced to 9.99EUR
11.1.5 25.09.2018 [Enhanced] Guaranteed payment pending status has been implemented
[Enhanced] Callback has been optimized as per the new testcase
11.1.4 31.01.2018 [New] Custom checkout overlay for Barzahlen
[New] Force 3D secure process has been implemented as per predefined filters and settings in the Novalnet admin portal
[New] Implemented order creation process for subscription renewal
[Enhanced] Due date update notification in the shop, on activation of transaction for Invoice, Invoice with payment guarantee and Prepayment
[Enhanced] On-hold transaction configuration has been implemented for Credit Card, Direct Debit SEPA, Direct Debit SEPA with payment guarantee, Invoice, Invoice with payment guarantee and PayPal
[Enhanced] Optimized IP condition check for remote address
11.2.0 05.01.2018 – New release
11.1.3 21.11.2017 [Enhanced] Dynamic IP control applied through domain instead of static IP in vendor script. Actual IP of Novalnet will be extracted in real time from the domain
11.1.2 15.09.2017 [New] Implemented Barzahlen payment method
[New] Implemented Novalnet updates page
[Enhanced] Merchant Administration Portal link has been updated in shop admin
[Enhanced] Optimized vendor script validation
[Removed] Refund with account details from shop admin
[Removed] Enable debug mode configuration in Merchant script management
11.1.1 07.04.2017 [Enhanced] Updated payment logo for Credit Card and Invoice payment
[Enhanced] Added new parameter in all API calls
[Compatible] Tested with OXID eShop enterprise edition 5.1.x-5.3.x
11.1.0 16.02.2017 - Credit Card iframe updated.
- One click shopping for Credit Card and PayPal implemented.
- Edit option in Credit Card and PayPal for registered customers implemented.
- Zero amount booking for PayPal implemented.
- On-hold transactions for PayPal implemented.
- New payment method "Przelewy24" added.
10.1.0 06.07.2016 (1) Credit Card iframe has been implemented.
(2) giropay has been implemented.
(3) Notify URL configuration in shop backend.
(4) Logo control has been implemented in global configuration.
(5) Payment reference has been implemented.
(6) Novalnet payment module has been optimized as per new test case.
(7) Compatibility has been checked for Oxid eShop community edition 4.9.8 and enterprise edition 5.2.8.
11.0.0 24.05.2016 (1) Affiliate management system.
(2) Zero amount booking.
(3) One click shopping for Direct Debit SEPA.
(4) Iframe and hosted page implementation for Credit Card.
(5) Implemented Direct Debit SEPA with payment guarantee, Invoice with payment guarantee and giropay payments.
(6) Edit option in Direct Debit SEPA for registered customers.
(7) Direct Debit SEPA overlay removed.
(8) Responsive templates has been implemented.
(9) New booking with payment reference.
10.0.0 05.06.2015 New release
7.0.0 18.10.2014 New Release for the oxid eshop version 4.9.0
6.0.1 24.09.2014 (1) Compatible for new OXID eShop version 4.8.7.
(2) The Payment Direct Debit Germany and Direct Debit Austria offered by the AG Novalnet be replaced from 01.08.2014 by the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme
(3) Optimized the payment module as per OXID standard and new test cases.
5.1.1 28.12.2013 (1) Implemented Novalnet Direct Debit SEPA
(2) Callback Script implemented for all payment methods.
(3) Code optimization has been done.
5.1.0 13.11.2013 (1) Compatible for new OXID eShop version 4.7.8-4.7.9.
(2) Updated our module as per new test case.
5.0.2 10.08.2013 (1) Implemented Novalnet Telephone Payment method.
(2) Compatible for new OXID eShop version 4.7.4-4.7.6.
(3) Updated payment pending status and callback script changes for PayPal module.
(4) Updated our module as per new test case.
5.0.1 05.03.2013 (1) Implemented the new Credit Card payment module.
(2) Compatibility Test for the new OXID eShop version 4.7.3.
5.0.0 02.01.2013 (1) Developed novlanet payment module for new oxid version 4.7.0.
(2) Added the iDEAL payment for novalnet module.
(3) Compatibility Test for the new OXID eShop version 4.7.1.
(4) Compatibility Test for the new OXID eShop version 4.7.2.
4.0.0 08.10.2012 (1) Compatibility Test for the new OXID eShop version 4.6.4.
(2) Optimized the modules as per the new test case document.
1.0.7 22.05.2012 (1) Compatibility Test for the new OXID eShop version 4.6.0.
(2) Update the Readme file for OXID eShop version 4.6.0.
1.0.6 24.04.2012 (1) Modified the code as per the OXID standards for OXID certification.
(2) Compatibility Test for the new OXID eShop version 4.5.9.
1.0.5 12.04.2012 Created new field for order to update transaction details.
1.0.4 10.04.2012 (1) Set the current language on PCI methods, during return.
(2) Optimized the payment module code for unit testing.
1.0.3 02.04.2012 (1) Created unit test file for oxid.
(2) Changed the folder structure as per the OXID standards.
(3) Created plug-in for Azure theme for all versions.
(4) Change the Readme files, which includes all version details (4.4.0 to 4.5.8).
1.0.2 05.03.2012 (1) Novalnet-PayPal method implemented in Novalnet Payment Module
(2) Tested in OXID version 4.5.5 to 4.5.8 and filename changed to oxid_v_4.4.0_4.5.8_novalnet_v_1.0.2.
(3) Created Azure theme installation guide for mentioned versions.
(4) New Readme file for versions 4.5.5 to 4.5.8 and created "Read Me" folder which includes all versions read me files.
1.0.1 29.12.2011 Iframe Solution for Credit Card Payment
1.0.0 03.11.2011 (1) Filename changed.
(2) Update_info File included.
1.0 31.03.2011 First release
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