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MOTO / Telesales: Payment solutions for mail, telephone and fax orders


MOTO / Telesales: Payment solutions for Mail, telephone and fax orders

MOTO stands for Mail Order / Telephone Order. If your company receives orders by email, post, telephone or fax and you need a customized payment process for this business, Novalnet is the right partner for you. As a full-service payment provider, we offer our customers the following options for convenient payment processing in both online and offline business via MOTO.


Variant 1: Payment via a payment link per email

With this option, you send your customer a link to the secure payment form of Novalnet AG on our platform. Your customer enters his payment data there. After successful payment, our platform automatically informs your system about the successful transaction.

No PCI-DSS certification is required because you have no access to sensitive payment data. We process transactions through our secure payment sites. In addition, our platform automatically assigns the corresponding payment reference (also known as alias and token) and informs your system for future purchases by your customers. You can use this payment reference to trigger new bookings without your customer having to re-enter their payment data. As a merchant, you do not process and store the payment data directly.

Short link via URL-Shortener

We can also provide you with the payment link as a short link by means of a URL-Shortener service, which shortens long Internet addresses. This short version can then be conveniently shared by you on the phone, per email or post. Clicking on the short link redirects a customer (301-Redirect) to the original Internet address of our payment form.

Such a shortened URL could look like this: www.beispiel.de/gekuerzt instead of the long internet address www.beispiel.de/beispiel.php?id=234345&session=898714874657.php.

The advantage of the Novalnet short link

The advantage of this short URL is that it not only looks clear, it also eliminates the risk of a line break in an email. Such a break can lead to errors when clicking, since only a part of the URL is called. It is also easier to copy and paste this short link into a browser. Another advantage is that the short address (e.g. sent by post in a letter/invoice) can be typed more easily and quickly.

When is it worth using a payment link as a short link?

This function can be used in many cases and can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs. A possible scenario would be: The buyer has not yet paid for his order or has inadvertently cancelled the payment and asks you to make the payment options available to him again. You can now send your customer a short link to a pre-filled payment form, in which he can choose one of the various payment options and only has to enter his relevant data.

However, it would also be conceivable to use a short link if you send an invoice by post or email to the buyer and the customer has the option of not only paying the invoice by bank transfer but also selecting other payment methods such as credit card.

You also have the option of integrating the short link into a payment reminder. Whether this reminder is sent by email or by post: It is easy for the buyer to copy the URL and enter it into the browser.

Variant 2: Acceptance of payment data by telephone or email

With this option, you collect the payment data yourself, enter it in your system and forward it to us for payment processing - either via API or by manual entry in our admin portal or in our payment form. This is only possible if you are PCI-DSS certified, as you have access to sensitive payment data.

Available for all systems

With the above-mentioned options, we offer you a simple solution in the telesales and mail/telephone order business via our payment interface to integrate payment processing seamlessly into your system (e.g. ERP system, SAP etc.).

Our methods enable a smooth process, easy handling for your employees and possible cost savings for your company. This ensures that all payments are verified by our intelligent fraud prevention and provides real-time processing and payment approval for all legitimate transactions. After checking the data, our platform immediately informs your system whether the booking was successful. Reporting and real-time statistics can be called up via API as well as in our Admin Portal. Admin Portal contains information on all transactions, incoming payments, and reporting. You can view all details of a transaction or collection case in real time. Furthermore, you can initiate credit entries, full and partial refunds as well as cancellations within the Admin Portal.

Our MOTO / Telesales solution thus offers you a convenient option for the consolidated processing of many transactions. Recurring payments can be easily automated for the credit card, direct debit SEPA and invoice payments via our subscription management system. As a full-service payment provider, we offer you a tailor-made solution - just contact us.