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MOTO: Payment solutions for mail order, telephone order, and fax order

In the domain of call centers and mail order / fax order the novalnet payment gateway provides a simple solution to seamlessly integrate payment processing including intelligent fraud prevention into your business processes and your enterprise resource planning system. This leads to a smooth process, ease of use for your staff and cost-cutting potentials for your enterprise. Benefit from the advantages offered by a cooperation with a flexible payment service provider like Novalnet AG.

Process incoming payments via post, telephone or fax with ease using the Novalnet MOTO form. For direct debit payment, you enter the customer’s name, bank code and account number into the form and the payment is authorized. Novalnet offers direct debit payments in Germany and Austria and also within a short time via SEPA in the entire Euro zone.

During credit card payments, you enter card number, expiry date and cvc number. The most widely used credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express can be accepted. Offering credit card payments opens up worldwide sales potentials to you.

After the submitted data has run through Novalnet credit rating and plausiblilty checks, you learn immediately whether the transaction was successful. You can find all transactions, incoming payments and evaluations in the clearly structured Novalnet administration portal. Here you can always look at all details of a transaction or a debt collection case if necessary in real time. Furthermore, inside the administration portal, credits, full and partial refunds and cancellations can be executed.

The Novalnet MOTO solution offers you a convenient option for the consolidated processing of many transactions by a batch import of data. Recurrent payments can also be simply automatized using the Novalnet subscription management. As a payment service provider we offer you a bespoke solution – just contact us.