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Free xt:Commerce Payment Module

Current Novalnet payment plugin version: 11.1.3
Compatible with xt:Commerce version: 3.0.1 - 3.0.4SP2.1
Free xt:Commerce Payment Module

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Created Novalnet AG
Last Updated 25. November 2017
Version 11.1.3
Stability Stable
Language English (en), German (de)
License Freeware
Categories Payment Gateway
Tested versions 11.1.3
Compatible versions 3.0.1 - 3.0.4SP2.1
Download Please contact us to receive the current xt:Commerce module.
Version Date Description & Changes
11.1.3 23rd November 2017 [Enhanced] Dynamic IP control applied through domain instead of static IP in vendor script. Actual IP of Novalnet will be extracted in real time from the domain
11.1.2 27th September 2017 [New] Implemented Barzahlen payment method
[Enhanced] Optimized vendor script validation
[Enhanced] Merchant Administration Portal link has been updated in shop admin
[Removed] Refund with account details from shop admin
[Removed] Enable debug mode configuration in Merchant script management
11.1.1 06th April 2017 [Enhanced] Updated payment logo for Credit Card and Invoice payment
[Enhanced] Added new parameter in all API calls
11.1.0 17th February 2017 - Credit Card iframe updated.
- One click shopping for Credit Card and PayPal implemented.
- Edit option in Credit Card and PayPal for registered customers implemented.
- Zero amount booking for Credit Card and PayPal implemented.
- On-hold transactions for PayPal implemented.
- New payment method "Przelewy24" added.
10.1.0 03rd August 2016 - Credit Card Iframe implemented.
- Implemented giropay payment.
- Direct Debit SEPA overlay removed.
- Payment Reference has been implemented.
- Notify URL configuration in shop backend.
- Logo control has been implemented in global configuration.
- Novalnet payment module has been optimized as per new testcase.
11.0.0 30th May 2016 - Auto configuration of vendor credentials.
- Zero amount booking.
- One click shopping for Direct Debit SEPA.
- Iframe and hosted page implementation for Credit Card.
- Implemented Direct Debit SEPA with payment guarantee, Invoice with payment guarantee and giropay payments.
- Edit option in Direct Debit SEPA for registered customers.
- Direct Debit SEPA overlay removed.
- Notify URL configuration in shop backend.
- Logo control has been implemented in global configuration.
- Responsive templates has been implemented.
- New booking with payment reference.
10.0.0 24th April 2015 New release
1.1.1 25th September 2014 (1) The Payment Direct Debit German and Direct Debit Austria offered by the AG Novalnet be replaced from 1.8.2014 by the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme.
1.1.0 21st May 2014 (1) Implemented Novalnet Direct Debit SEPA,Novalnet iDEAL Payment methods.
(2) Updated auto refill option for the mentioned payment methods (Credit card, Direct Debit SEPA, Direct Debit Austria & Direct Debit German)
(3) Implemented Referrer id, Reference parameters in all payment methods.
(4) Credit Card payment updated with 3D Secure authentication.
(5) Updated PayPal Payment Pending status and optimized callback script file for PayPal payment method.
(6) Implemented callback script file for all payment methods.
1.0.5 12th October 2012 (1) Added "customer_no" parameters on all Payment modules.
(2) Optimized all Novalnet payment modules as per New testcase document.
1.0.4 02nd May 2012 Optimized vendor call back script file.
1.0.3 30th January 2012 (1) Implement the Pin by callback, SMS in Direct Debit Austria payment
(2) Implement the Replay by Email in DD DE, DD AT and Invoice payment
1.0.2 09th January 2012 (1) Filename changed.
Before : vendor_script_for_xtcommerce.php
After : callback_novalnet2xtcommerce.php
(2) Add call back testing method in readme file.
1.0.1 19th December 2011 Only changes for include installation document.
1.0.1 16th December 2011 Novalnet Credit Card implemented with iframe.
1.0.0 18th November 2011 File name changed
1.0.0 30th September 2011 Second Product Id sent based on the check limit set on admin panel
1.0.0 02nd August 2011 Small changes in vendor script if(isset($aryCaptureParams*‘status‘+)) closing bracket is added
1.0.0 18th July 2011 Postback param added
1.0.0 05th May 2011 For payment methods novalnet_elv_de, novalnet_elv_at, novalnet_cc, novalnet_invoice: Additional Fee(Fixed and Percent) for Novalnet Payment Service added.
To use this feature, copy the unzipped Folder (xtcommerce_includes/includes/modules/order_total ) into the main folder of your shop (Please copy the files into the correct
folders as per the structure of this folder)).
1.0.0 21st April 2011 The 3 modules novalnet_elv_de_pci.php, novalnet_elv_at_pci.php und novalnet_cc_pci.php: encoding some basic parameters added (analogue to online transfer).
1.0.0 24th March 2011 (1) A parameter test_mode is added. Is's default value is true, i.e. you have to set it to true for real transactions.
(2) For online transfer (sofortueberweisung) you must enter a password as admin, which you can get at our admin tool via stammdaten -> paymentzugriffsschluessel
1.0.0 24th March 2011 Bugfix: if cc and cc3dsecure are together enabled and data entered for cc an error message was displayed: the length of cc no must be longer than 14!
1.0.0 24th March 2011 3 new modules added: novalnet_elv_de_pci.php, novalnet_elv_at_pci.php und novalnet_cc_pci.php, which are pci-conform. And a new parameter proxy is
added. And small changes in novalnet_prepayment.php and novalnet_invoice.php.
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China UnionPay
Carte Bleue
Online instant transfer
SEPA direct debit
Cash on pickup