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Current Novalnet payment module version: 11.1.2
Compatible with Modified versions: V 11.1.2 Modified V 1.00-
Free Modified Payment Module

For shop owners and customers alike an intuitive and easy to use system. The xtcModified eCommerce shopping cart software is an improved version of xt:Commerce 3:04 SP2.1. This development, with numerous bug fixes and improvements, ensures that the modules and database remain compatible with xt:Commerce 3:04 SP2.1. Easy migration of your data and templates is therefore, seamlessly possible. Stability, security and ease of use play a major role. It is ideal for new entrepreneurs who have little experience of direct management of an online store, and also simplifies the daily work of more experienced shop owner.

Created Novalnet AG
Last Updated 14. September 2017
Version 11.1.2
Stability Stable
Language English (en), German (de)
License Freeware
Categories Payment Gateway
Tested versions V 11.1.2 Modified V 1.00-
Compatible versions V 11.1.2 Modified V 1.00-
Download Please contact us to receive the current Modified module.
Version Date Description & Changes
11.1.2 14th September 2017 [New] Implemented Barzahlen payment method
[Enhanced] Merchant Administration Portal link has been updated in shop admin
[Enhanced] Optimized vendor script validation
[Removed] Refund with account details from shop admin
[Removed] Enable debug mode configuration in Merchant script management
11.1.1 06th April 2017 [Enhanced] Updated payment logo for Credit Card and Invoice payment
[Enhanced] Added new parameter in all API calls
10.1.0 14th July 2016 - Credit Card Iframe implemented.
- Implemented giropay payment.
- Direct Debit SEPA overlay removed.
- Payment Reference has been implemented.
- Notify URL configuration in shop backend.
- Logo control has been implemented in global configuration.
- Novalnet payment module has been optimized as per new testcase.
11.0.0 03rd May 2016 - Auto configuration of vendor credentials.
- Zero amount booking.
- One click shopping for Direct Debit SEPA.
- Iframe and hosted page implementation for Credit Card.
- Implemented Direct Debit SEPA with payment guarantee, Invoice with payment guarantee and giropay payments.
- Edit option in Direct Debit SEPA for registered customers.
- Direct Debit SEPA overlay removed.
- Notify URL configuration in shop backend.
- Logo control has been implemented in global configuration.
- Responsive templates has been implemented.
- New booking with payment reference.
10.0.0 10th June 2015 New release
1.1.2 17th September 2014 (1) The Payment Direct Debit Germany and Direct Debit Austria offered by the AG Novalnet be replaced from 01.08.2014 by the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme.
(2) Code optimization has been done.
1.1.0 11th January 2014 (1) Credit Card payment module re-written with PCI Compliance.
(2) Updated PayPal payment method and callback script file for PayPal.
(3) Implemented Novalnet Direct Debit SEPA payment modules.
(4) Updated callback script file for all payment methods.
1.0.5 15th February 2013 (1) Added new Novalnet iDEAL payment module.
(2) Implemented new Credit Card payment module.
1.0.3 17th February 2012 (1) Pin by callback, SMS,Email Reply enable(Invoice, Direct Debit German,Direct Debit Austria)
(2) Post back Params enable
(3) Callback script callback_novalnet2xtcmodified.php optimized.
(4) Payment module displayed based on order amount given during payment installation/enable.
1.0.2 16th December 2011 Novalnet Credit Card implemented with iframe
1.0.1 28th November 2011 Novalnet Pay Pal Added
1.0.0 04th November 2011 (1) Readme.
(2) Update_info.
(3) Specification Guide
(4) Installation Guide
1.0.0 25th May 2011 First release