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Current Novalnet payment module version: 10.2.0
Compatible with JTL-Shop versions: V 10.2.0 JTL-Shop V 3.13-4.0.4
Free JTL-Shop Payment Module

The JTL-Shop3 shop system offers you and your customers the best environment for successful online retailing. It is a well-known fact that for a successful online-shop it is no longer sufficient to offer your products at a cheaper price than your competitors. Discover the JTL-Shop3 system and experience the extra comfort for you and your customers. It offers the optimal connection to your merchandise planning and control system, a multitude of useful features that simplify the online shopping experience and a truly flexible system allowing the retailer to configure the offers as desired. In short, the shop system with real added value!

Created Novalnet AG
Last Updated 06. April 2017
Version 10.2.0
Stability Stable
Language English (en), German (de)
License Freeware
Categories Payment Gateway
Tested versions V 10.2.0 JTL-Shop V 3.13-4.0.4
Compatible versions V 10.2.0 JTL-Shop V 3.13-4.0.4
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Version Date Description & Changes
10.2.0 01st February 2016 (1) Credit Card Iframe implemented.
(3) giropay payment implemented.
(4) Auto refill has been removed for Credit Card payment.
(5) Compatibility has been checked upto JTL-Shop version 4.04.
(6) Novalnet payment module has been optimized as per new testcase.
10.0.1 02nd September 2015 (1) Payment Reference has been implemented.
(2) Compatibility has been checked for JTL-Shop3 latest version 3.20.
10.0.0 24th April 2015 New release
2.1.2 17th September 2014 (1) The Payment Direct Debit Direct Debit Germany and Austria offered by the AG Novalnet be replaced from 01.08.2014 by the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme.
(2) Code optimization has been done.
(3) Compatibility testing has been checked for JTLShop version 3.19.
2.1.0 06th January 2014 (1) Implemented Novalnet Direct Debit SEPA
(2) Compatibility has been checked with JTLshop version 3.18.
(3) Implemented callback script file for all Payment methods.
2.0.6 21st August 2013 (1) Updated PayPal module and optimized callback script file for PayPal.
(2) Credit Card module re-written with PCI Compliance.
2.0.5 04th June 2013 (1) Implemented Telephone payment method.
(2) JTLShop latest version 3.17 tested.
2.0.4 24th January 2013 (1) Implemented Novalnet iDEAL payment method and vendor-call-back script.
(2) Added the steps for "Customizing the invoice template in WAWI" mentioned in the "WAWI_guide_for_Novalnet_Payment_in_JTLShop_novalnet_v_2.0.4_en.pdf" file.
2.0.3 22nd October 2012 (1) Compatibility test for the latest JTL shop version 3.16.
(2) Optimized our code to support 'Payment before completing the order' option for both values 'Yes' and 'No' in admin end for our payment modules.
(3) Also optimized our code for English language.
2.0.2 03rd September 2012 Optimized our payment plug-in as per new test case.
2.0.1 06th July 2012 JTLShop version 3.15 tested.
2.0.0 03rd July 2012 (1) Plugin has been restructured for 'Payment before completing the order' as 'Yes'.
(2) For 'Payment before completing the order' as 'Yes', i added an additional step on readme file.
(3) Code optimization has been done.
(4) A new file 'novalnet_version.php' has been created for version identification.
(5) Version for this includes has been changed as per standard naming format.
(6) use_utf8 parameter has been added.
1.0.6 20th June 2012 (1) Customer_no parameter has been added.
(2) For global configuration, we added additional step on readme file.
(3) First Name replaced by dummy firstname if it is empty.
1.0.5 21st May 2012 (1) Wawi guide included - To dispay the Novalnet Payment name in WAWI.
(2) Set the variable on our module files to display the Payment name in WAWI.
1.0.4 03rd May 2012 One bug fixed in file 'novalnetelvde.class.php'(KEY changed to 2 from 8 on post back param).
1.0.3 23rd April 2012 JTLShop version 3.14 tested.
1.0.2 16th April 2012 JTLShop version 3.13 tested.
1.0.1 04th April 2012 Implement the Novalnet Paypal payment module.
1.0.0 24th March 2012 Created plug-in type support payment modules.