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Gambio GX2

Current Novalnet payment module version: 11.1.1
Compatible with Gambio GX2 versions: V 11.1.1 Gambio_v_2.5.3.x-
Free Gambio GX2 Payment Module

Choose a fully integrated and comprehensive system that is already being successfully used by more than 10,000 businesses world-wide, for a very long time! This shop system offers all necessary ingredients to make a successful online shop, not only for beginners but also for  eCommerce professionals. Some of its key advantages include:
- Easy administration possibilities even without any programming knowledge
- Easily adaptable layout
- Fully optimized for search engine functionalities
- Optimized usability

Created Novalnet AG
Last Updated 13. September 2017
Version 11.1.1
Stability Stable
Language English (en), German (de)
License Freeware
Categories Payment Gateway
Tested versions V 11.1.1 Gambio_v_2.5.3.x-
Compatible versions V 11.1.1 Gambio_v_2.5.3.x-
Download Please contact us to receive the current Gambio GX2 module.
Version Date Description & Changes
2.1.0 31st May 2016 - Credit Card Iframe has been implemented
- giropay has been implemented
- Novalnet payment module has been optimized as per new test case
1.0.5 15th February 2013 (1) Novalnet iDEAL payment method implemented.
(2) Novalnet Credit Card payment method updated as per our latest format.
(3) Optimized vendor call-back-script file.
1.0.4 12th September 2012 Optimize the payment modules as per new test case.
1.0.3 11th April 2012 (1) Implement the Pin by callback, SMS and Email in DD German, DD Austria and Invoice payment methods.
(2) Enhance the Call back vendor scripts.
1.0.2 09th January 2012 1. Filename changed.
Before : vendor_script_for_xtcommerce.php
After : callback_novalnet2gambio.php
2. Add call back testing method in readme file.
1.0.1 16th December 2011 1.Check hash implemented in PCI payment modules and include Post
back Params (Order no., Invoice Reference).
2.Credit card payment method load in iframe.
1.0.0 24th October 2011 1.Readme File(Specification Details included).
2.Gambio Payment Module Installation Guide (PDF included).
3.Update_info File included.
1.0.0 06th September 2011 First Release
1.0.0 27th April 2011 The only change: In file
1.0.0 18th April 2011 Created new zip file for GambioGX2