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commerce:SEO v2next Payment Modul

Current Novalnet payment module version: 11.0.0
Compatible with commerce:SEO v2next versions: V 11.0.0 to Commerece SEO - 2.5.12
Free commerce:SEO v2next Payment Module

Based on the motto "... different from the rest", there is now the second revolution: Commerce: SEO v2 Plus is here (for more information: Since July 2010 the "must-have" shop software is available in a Google-optimized version – for all that want to be found. Nowadays a search-engine optimized shop is "certainly a prerequisite for business". And the revolution is fast. This especially strong performance is based on the absolute effective programming through the Commerce:SEO v2 Plus development team.
The new commerce: SEO v2 Plus has been upgraded visually. The features were arranged to facilitate the user to use the software even more flexible. The design is improved thus allowing users without programming knowledge to handle and customize easily. And still many new features are yet to come.

Created Novalnet AG
Last Updated 27. März 2017
Version 11.0.0
Stability Stable
Language English (en), German (de)
License Freeware
Categories Payment Gateway
Tested versions V 11.0.0 to Commerece SEO - 2.5.12
Compatible versions V 11.0.0 to Commerece SEO - 2.5.12
Download Please contact us to receive the current commerce:SEO v2next module.
Version Date Description & Changes
11.0.0 24th May 2016 (1) Affiliate management system.
(2) Zero amount booking.
(3) One click shopping for Direct Debit SEPA.
(4) Iframe and hosted page implementation for Credit Card.
(5) Implemented Direct Debit SEPA with payment guarantee, Invoice with payment guarantee and giropay payments.
(6) Edit option in Direct Debit SEPA for registered customers.
(7) Direct Debit SEPA overlay removed.
(8) Responsive templates has been implemented.
(9) New booking with payment reference.
10.0.0 23rd April 2015 New release
1.0.5 20th December 2012 (1) Optimized all Novalnet payment modules as per New testcase document.
(2) Novalnet iDEAL Module added.
1.0.4 20th June 2012 (1) Code optimized for coupon option.
(2) Customer_no parameter has been added.
1.0.3 13th June 2012 (1) Removed 'reference' field from CC, CC3D Secure and CCPCI payment method.
(2) Change the image url for all payment modules.
1.0.2 11th June 2012 (1) Imlemented Paypal payment method.
(2) Inserted a field for Novalnet logo enable/disable option.
(3) Fixed some bugs in CC-Iframe payment method and pin-by call back methods.
1.0.1 21st December 2011 Credit Card Iframe Module has been included.
1.0.0 19th December 2011 (1) Shipping Amount Calculation issue solved.
(2) Encode and Decode the Payment information for all PCI Methods.
(3) postback Params "order_no", "invoice_ref" has been included
1.0.0 06th July 2011 First release