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Commerce Kickstart

Current Novalnet payment module version: 11.0.0
Compatible with Commerce Kickstart versions: V 10.1.0 Commerce kickstart V 7.x - 2.x
V 11.0.0 Commerce kickstart V 7.x - 2.32
Free Commerce Kickstart Payment Module

Commerce Kickstart is Drupal Commerce packed with features that make it more complete, faster to launch, and easier to administer. And like Drupal Commerce itself, it's free, supported by an active developer community, and backed by Commerce Guys' unmatched expertise. Using Commerce Kickstart can take up to a month off of your development time.

  • Easy configuration for all payment methods
  • One platform for all relevant payment types and related services
  • More than 40 fraud prevention modules integrated to prevent risk in real-time
  • Effortless  configuration of risk management with fraud prevention and payment method control
  • Comprehensive affiliate system with automated split conversion of transaction on revenue sharing
  • Dynamic subscription and member management for recurring payments
  • Status management for chargeback as well as return debit
  • Multilevel claims management with integrated handover to collection and various export functions for the Accounting
  • Automated e-mail notification function concerning payment status reports
  • Clear real-time overview and monitoring of payment status
  • Automated bookkeeping report in XML, SOAP, CSV, MT940


  • Fast checkout that allows users to save their payment details
  • Seamless and fast integration of the payment extension
  • PCI compliant hosted page
  • Secure SSL- encoded gateways
  • Various type of integration (local form, iFrame, redirection)
  • 3D Secure/Verified by Visa supported
  • All SUPEE secure patches are supported
  • Complete automation of payment processes
  • One page checkout and one click shopping supported
  • Allowed countries customisation
  • Multi-store, multi-currency and multi-accounts supported
  • Proxy server configuration
  • Gateway timeout can be defined
  • Easy way of managing ‘on-hold’ transactions (authorize, cancel or capture) and refunds (partial, full)
  • Smart auto-fill of payment details
  • Free text configuration for the bookings (for use on bank and credit card statements)
  • Responsive templates
  • Creation of new orders and captures
  • Subscription management (suspend, reactivate, cancel) in both Magento store and Magento admin
Created Novalnet AG
Last Updated 06. April 2017
Version 11.0.0
Stability Stable
Language English (en), German (de)
License Freeware
Categories Payment Gateway
Tested versions V 10.1.0 Commerce kickstart V 7.x - 2.x
V 11.0.0 Commerce kickstart V 7.x - 2.32
Compatible versions V 10.1.0 Commerce kickstart V 7.x - 2.x
V 11.0.0 Commerce kickstart V 7.x - 2.32
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Version Date Description & Changes
11.0.0 01st May 2016 New release
10.0.0 24th April 2015 New release
1.0.0 12th August 2013 First Release