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The online payment method giropay was developed for e-commerce and is currently supported by most of the banks and savings banks. More and more new users decide to pay with giropay which is reflected in higher sales.

Well over 30,000 acceptance points as well as more than 1.000 merchants now offer this payment method. As giropay becomes more and more popular, this payment method is a reasonable enhancement for your online shop. Using the plugin from Novalnet, this payment method can be easily and directly implemented in your shop.

What do you need as a merchant?

Novalnet AG takes care of the technical and other formalities - i.e. the interface and the necessary acceptance agreement - to ensure your effort is kept to a minimum.

How does giropay works for end customers (buyers)?

When a buyer chooses giropay, he is routed to his bank via a secure connection during the ordering process. All data such as account number, payment reference and amount has been already entered on the transfer form - thus only the usual transfer has to be confirmed. After successful payment, the buyer is then redirected back to the shop and receives a corresponding confirmation.

The buyer only needs an account at a bank supporting giropay. These include Postbank, nearly all Sparkasse banks, Volks- und Raiffeisen banks, DKB, MLP-Bank, Merkur Bank, Cronbank, Bankhaus Ellwanger & Geiger, Bank Schilling & Co, CVW Privatbank AG, GLS-Gemeinschaftsbank, numerous PSD banks and other financial institutions.


By input of PIN and TAN for legitimation giropay becomes a secure and trustworthy payment method for the customer and you as a merchant receive a payment guarantee (up to max. 10.000 €), enabling you to send the order immediately.


As a merchant, you also receive a payment guarantee for possible problem customers. The advantage for customer: Immediate dispatch of the goods. This all increases customer satisfaction and confidence in your online shop!