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Analysis & Reporting


Analysis & Reporting

Novalnet as a full-service payment provider offers a detailed evaluation and of filter options. As a full-service payment provider, we offer you a detailed evaluation and a variety of filter options. Additionally, we can allocate key account managers who use these analyses and reports to give you recommendations for process improvement and possible configuration alterations.

Various analysis options in the Admin Portal

Each of our contractual partners has its own access to the merchant administration. Here you can not only customize all payment methods, debt collection preferences, fraud modules etc. to your individual needs - you can also evaluate and analyse your transactions and more at any time. We map every single transaction in real time in the online administration and provide you with a variety of reports.

With our accounts receivable management we offer you a comprehensive reporting system. These reports can be customized exactly to your individual needs thanks to 75 individual fields. This gives you complete transparency and overview of your accounts, transactions, and billing addresses, including customers' (masked) account details and credit card tokens. You have the possibility to transfer an individual bookkeeping account number to Novalnet AG for each individual transaction. This means that you can assign this transaction quickly and easily in your accounting. The reports can be transmitted to you automatically, e.g. daily, weekly, twice a month or monthly. The reports are sent by e-mail, API, callback script, upload via SFTP or download - or the reports are generated in real time via the Admin Portal.

You can choose between different file formats and data transfer paths (e.g. CSV, XML, SOAP, IDoc or MT940) into your accounting system (e.g. SAP, DATEV, Navision etc.). The system, which is customized to the needs of the merchant, eliminates the usually cost-intensive manual processes. In addition, you receive an individual transaction overview (as a settlement file) for each individual payment. This contains all information on the number of items or the grand total. In this context, Novalnet AG can also store its own bookkeeping account numbers for payment transactions and list them in the provided settlement files.

Automated reports

We monitor all transactions automatically in real time, from the checkout process to successful or unsuccessful booking and collection. As a contractual partner of Novalnet AG, you will receive automatic notifications at any time (e.g. about chargebacks or return debits). This can be done via callback script or email.

You can also download this information from our Admin Portal. Our key account managers are always there to support you in the context of chargebacks or return debits in order to analyse them and avoid them in the future. Furthermore, we offer various fraud prevention modules and work together with partners such as CRIFBÜRGEL and ReD to effectively counter corresponding risks in advance. We make the detailed fraud reports available to you regardless of the payment methods.