End-user portal

Access transaction details anytime in our portal using the 17-digit transaction number (TID), as seen on your card or bank statement and your email ID.

Support hotline

Call our support hotline +49 89 9230683-29 (Mon–Fri 9am–4pm) and our team will be happy to answer all payment-related concerns.

Email support

Send an email to payment@novalnet.de with details of the transaction ID (TID) as seen on your card or bank statement.

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What do I do with payment reminders?

To avoid any further costs, you should pay as soon as possible. You’ll find the data needed to make the payment on the payment reminder or collection letter you received. If you have any questions or problems while paying, please contact the company where you purchased or registered directly.

How can I stop these payments?

If you want to cancel or renew your order or subscription, please contact the online shop or web portal where you made your purchase. All questions related to shipping, warranty, guarantees, cancellation periods and delivery times cannot be answered by Novalnet. We’ll only be able to help you with questions related to the payment itself, such as the status of your payment, and failed or successful payments.

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Payments are safe with Novalnet

PCI DSS Level 1

Every transaction is processed within a fully-secure PCI DSS Level 1 payment system, hosted exclusively in Germany.

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AI-based fraud prevention

99% of fraudulent transaction attempts are prevented by the AI-based fraud prevention technologies built into our payment processing systems.

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Licenses and compliance

We are accredited by BaFin and authorised to provide financial services throughout the European Economic Area in accordance with the Payment Services Supervision Act.

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