Receive payments easily with QR payment codes

Accept payments with a click, even with no webshop or POS. Create a link, share it and get paid instantly.

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Online or Offline Application

QR Pay works both online and offline.

Use online by embedding the QR code into your website or offline by printing and displaying the QR Poster as an analogue portal to digital.

The QR code is valid indefinitely. It can be used an unlimited number of times.

How QR Pay works?

Scanning the QR code takes your customers directly to the payment page.

There, the preferred payment method can be selected and paid immediately.

Who is it for?

Enterprise and B2B payments

Collect large payments straight from our dashboard, or integrate into your ERP/CRM (SAP, Salesforce, etc.) workflows using our APIs.

Small businesses

If your business doesn’t have a webshop, share the QR Pay code from our dashboard or integrate it with the Tele/MOTO sales process.

Payment reminders and collection

Send an easy QR Pay code inside your payment reminder or collection emails.

Your customers complete payments in a fully secure PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment page, which saves you the hassle of having your own PCI compliance.

Fixed or Open Amounts

Configure the QR code to suit your needs.

Fixed, open or minimum amounts can be set for the QR code. Open and minimum amounts are ideal for tips or donations.